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After trying to get another site on this server, which knocked us down, we are now back! Back to our regularly scheduled programming!

It's that time of year again, let the deals and fighting begin. Some stores have some good TV deals and Best Buy is offering a 49" Toshiba TV for only $149.99 and that does top the $200 Panasonic 50." Stores are also offering pre Black Friday deals for those who want to shop earlier and take advantage of good deals. Hopefully, people who do decide to shop on Black Friday stay safe, and I do feel bad for those who have to work during Thanksgiving/Black Friday. If you see other deals on Black Friday or Black Thanksgiving, then post a reply.

Appears to be a Roku 1 but with a different name, but model number is similar, but with SE instead of R (2710SE). The price is only good $25, which is competitive to Chromecast and Fire TV stick. No voice remote, but if you need a cheap streaming box for another TV for Netflix or even TWCTV for Roku, then this is a good option.
I added a dark version of the current theme, since some people might want a dark style for their device, or prefer dark styles overall. Go to the bottom of the page, and in the lower left hand corner, it will say Tierrasanta or whatnot. Choose Tierrasanta - Dark for a dark look.

Looks like Tivo has a new DVR now available called the bolt. Only 4 tuners this time, but maybe later a 6 tuner model will come. Nice that they are paying for the first year of service, and then after that, you have to pay a monthly or $149.99/year fee. There is lifetime for the super low price of $599.99 instead of the yearly subscription minus the price of the bolt itself, which is an extremely good deal, as you can get a new 4 tuner Cable/OTA box with gorgeous 4K support. UI is in HD except for two small sub menus. Should be out soon, but I think most are keeping their Roamio's as this does not really offer much improvement.

Clarified on lifetime subscription. There is a comskip feature for some channels.

As a part of the new board software, we invite you to check out the media Gallery at . This Gallery allows you to upload your own images and even Youtube or embedded online videos as a gallery. You can use it to show off your HT and/or AV setups, or post pictures of yourself or whatever. Feel free to use it and enjoy it. If there is any feedback on the new board, please post it

This might be very big, now that Google wanta to have fiber here. I would definitely embrace google fiber in San Diego, but the city of San diego might make it a bit hard for them to install it. I would definitely ditch time warner for this service.

Archives are now back, but they have never really been deleted, I just have forgotten to put in the link for them, thats all. However, if you do find that they have a wealth of information, that is still relevant, you can put that into the Resources link at and there are some categories, and you can make resources, so you can put such information there. Also, it does allow for comments, and if anything is broken, feel free to comment or put it in the feedback forums, especially new board feedback (incase you have not really gotten the feel for this new software.)

Looks like the DOJ has approved the DirecTV-AT&T merger. All this merger has to go through is the FCC, and that could happen anyday; however, FCC can impose conditions that the DOJ did not put in, as the FCC might want to make sure AT&T is responding to the needs of Americans and not shareholders.

Edit: Looks like it is tentatively approved, but it is likely to be approved. If this merger goes through, then I could see Charter-TWC likely being approved.