San Diego HDTV

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This might be very big, now that Google wanta to have fiber here. I would definitely embrace google fiber in San Diego, but the city of San diego might make it a bit hard for them to install it. I would definitely ditch time warner for this service.

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Looks like the DOJ has approved the DirecTV-AT&T merger. All this merger has to go through is the FCC, and that could happen anyday; however, FCC can impose conditions that the DOJ did not put in, as the FCC might want to make sure AT&T is responding to the needs of Americans and not shareholders.

Edit: Looks like it is tentatively approved, but it is likely to be approved. If this merger goes through, then I could see Charter-TWC likely being approved.
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Looks like AT&T and DirecTV are close to getting their merger completed, albeit with a few conditions. One of which is fast 25/3 broadband, and possibly offer an internet only tier, for those who do not want TV and Phone. I have a feeling this merger will likely be approved, despite AT&T and Directv having more subscribers than Comcast. AT&T and DirecTV do not really compete with each other, except TV. Of course, AT&T can always use their legal power to sue the FCC, saying that the regulations are unconstitutional, later once approved.

Looks like Cox is going to offer VOD on TiVo premiere and Roamio devices; however, this is not going to be like the Comcast integration where it is QAM VOD over an IP bridge. Instead, this will be an IP based stream using Verimatrix DRM. Good to see that Cox is offering VOD, and something did come out of that deal. This is similar to the VOD offered on the Contour App as well.

Looks like Charter will merge with TWC and acquire Brighthouse as well. It is kind of funny that they are acquiring Brighthouse as Brighthouse has a complicated relationship with TWC. Charter is reported to offer TWC $195/share for a $55 billion offer. Brighthouse relies on Time Warner for their programming contracts, and they use the same cable boxes and infrastructure as Time warner. Even use the same program guide and tablet/smartphone app as well as their live TV VOD website for PC and Macs. I think Altice would be an interesting operator, but they are open to others, and Charter really wants to go in for the kill (TWC and Brighthouse), so that is probably why. I think TWC is not really interested in running a cable company.

Edit: Deal is official, signed at $55-56 billion at $195.71/share. Charter will buy brighthouse alongside merging with TWC, and Malone will buy $5 billion in New Charter stock to help finance along with other forms of financing to get this deal done. However, some people still say that the $55 billion deal is the correct one. Also, the Newhouse family which owns Brighthouse would also get a stake in the company.

If you are looking for a relatively affordable OTA DVR with no monthly fees, then this is not such a bad deal. Not as good as the $300 deal but like that deal, this includes lifetime service, so no monthly fees. Not sure when this will expire, but I think if you compare this to the DVR+, and add the wifi and the 1TB HDD, then this is a steal. Comes with 4 tuners, but you can add a bigger drive, should you need more space.

Looks like Media Center is dead with Windows 10. Those with Windows 7 and 8.1 can still use it, but there is no guarantee when or if guide data gets discontinued, as per Media Center TOS, Microsoft can remove it at any time, which includes taking out before Windows 7 or 8.1 hit EOL. I am sure those who still want to use Media center once the data has been removed can use a 3rd party source. Media Center is also the only HTPC app that can be used by Time Warner as they unfairly copy flag everything but locals in an attempt to make you use their DVR or to stop TiVo's old Multiroom transfer protocol.

Here is an option you can use instead of using Media Center for Protected content. It is said to be quite a nice product, and can use non WMC extenders as well.