KGTV Down via OTA?

Discussion in 'KGTV (ABC)' started by bookertdub, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. bookertdub

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    I dunno what it is but I can never get KGTV at all via OTA lately. I've done multiple rescans over the past week. It's an attic antenna, and I can get every local San Diego station with the exception of KGTV and XETV. If my memory serves me right, KFMB, KGTV, and KPBS are all located on Mount Soledad. About a month ago, I got all 3 of those stations just fine. But KGTV doesn't seem to want come back on after multiple tv rescans within the past week or so. In the attachment is the TV fool report.

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  2. DRB

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    KPBS broadcasts from Mt Miguel, only KFMB and KGTV are from Mt Soledad (La Jolla)
    In RB for me, I get a straight shot with my 4bay UHF oudoor antenna to Mt Miguel, but 8&10 have to bounce over hills.
    However with a preamp at the antenna I get KFMB well (95-100%) but KGTV is weaker (75-80%) but still solid, without the preamp I can't get KGTV.
    I get XETV due south pretty well with the preamp too.
  3. bookertdub

    bookertdub Member

    I should have clarified in my previous post that XETV isn't something I really care about. I did buy a VHF signal booster (although that says it's rated for indoor tv antennas) that is attached to the coaxial cord that feeds to my tv. What preamp do you use DRB?
  4. DRB

    DRB Member

    I use a low noise preamp with my UHF antenna it mounts right on the antenna since thats important for low noise.
    I got it years ago at Frys, I think it was Channel Master brand.
    A preamp is different from a "signal booster" since a preamp is much lower noise, to avoid amplifying noise which would swamp the signal.
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  5. Mike Mantle

    Mike Mantle Member

    Booker, what is your location? It's possible that you were right on the edge signal-wise for KGTV and that something has changed.

    If it were me, I'd focus on what may have changed. Did your attic antenna move a bit? Did something get placed on the roof or did a tree grow in front of it in the direction of Soledad? Did a connector come loose or become corroded? Did a mouse (or other) in the attic bite into the feedline? Id' be looking for something that changed.
  6. AMoore10

    AMoore10 New Member

    Booker, are you still having issues receiving KGTV?
  7. bookertdub

    bookertdub Member

    I'm not having the issues quite as much. A couple of weeks ago KGTV's Facebook page said their engineers were doing some work on the signal from the transmitter. Seems like since then, I'm not getting the dropouts nearly as much. And I'd say it's a much more consistent signal. Thanks for asking though.
  8. bookertdub

    bookertdub Member

    Finally figured out how to find the signal strength on my Samsung TV for individual channels. This is what's showing up on my end KGTV.JPG
  9. markg92117

    markg92117 New Member

    Is anyone recently had reception problems with Channel 10? I am in North Clairemont:

    I am in the upper arm of Tecolote Canyon (east of Genesee) so not completely LOS, but signal strength has always been been VERY strong. This past month, my TabloTV quad recorder started complaining of poor signal and had video breaking up when you watch Channel 10. A channel scan shows KFMB Channel 8 at 5 green dots, while Channel 10 is one dot (red). Antenna is Solid Signal 1080x (Winegard 1080), which should be almost perfect for UHF on Mt Miguel and VHF on the Mt Soledad.

    Just wondering if Channel 10 is having transmitter issues, or whether I may have some interference happening on Channel 10's frequency. If it is interference, are there any sources I should be looking for?
  10. jay214128

    jay214128 Member

    You state you use the same antenna for Mt Miguel and Mt Soledad, but from your tvfool data, those locations are in different directions. In which direction is your antenna pointed? If it is not pointed directly at Mt Soledad, you might be having multipath issues with KGTV. You could try pointing the antenna at Mt Soledad to see if that helps KGTV (to identify the issue).

    I am about 8 miles LOS from Mt Soledad and I get multipath issues with KFMB, but not so much with KGTV on my main antenna. I added a second antenna (like the Winegard 1080), oriented in a different direction, which I dedicate to problematic channels that suffer from multipath or cochannel interference (KFMB, KUSI, XHDTV, KPBS).
  11. markg92117

    markg92117 New Member

    Mainly I was just asking to see if anyone else had problems, or if it was just me...

    The 1080 has it's strong UHF lobe on the front side, and a decent VHF reception lobe on the back side, so works well in Clairemont/Kearny Mesa area. I usually point it at Mt Miguel for the farther away UHF stations, and never had any problems with VHF from Mt Soledad until this past month. KFMB Channel 8 (also on Soledad) is still perfect. Had not thought about multipath - 8 is at 183 Mhz and 10 is at 195 Mhz, so I guess it could affect one and not the other. I also need to check with the Tablo folks and put the DVR in diagnostic mode so they can check the logs. I am wondering if maybe it has a bad tuner, as I can connect my living room TV and get good, though not great signal per the LG tuner display. The Tablo quad has an internal 4-way splitter that may degrade the signal enough to cause problems.

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