KGTV news on analog 39?

Discussion in 'KGTV (ABC)' started by sdmedia, May 15, 2017.

  1. sdmedia

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    (5/14/17) I noticed that KGTV programming was being broadcast over ANALOG 39 (mono) (very rough signal in Lemon Grove). I thought that this was one of the last Mexican border stations to remain on the analog side, and was surprised to see an english broadcast running on it. Does anyone know the status of this channel?


  2. Admin65

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    No idea, I should check the FCC database, or this was an anomaly that should not have happened.
  3. D. Bronzini

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    I noticed this a couple of weeks ago (ch10.1 on analog 39). The signal is always weak, near SDSU, but enough to ID programs.
    Could this be some sort of "leak" from the cable system?
  4. jay214128

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    Almost certainly not leaking from a cable system. Channel 39 is assigned to KZSD-LP and KVEA, both of which are digital channels.
    KZSD-LP (Digital)
    Channel: 39 (41.1)
    Maximum ERP:
    15.000 kW
    Coordinates: 32.696165 -116.936413

    KVEA (Digital)
    Channel: 39 (52.1)
    Network: TELEMUNDO (HBC)
    Maximum ERP: 1000.000 kW
    Coordinates: 34.213338 -118.062291

    My first thought is that this might be a low power repeater for KGTV, but I do not know where. Long ago KCST (now KNSD) and KPBS had low power transmitters serving La Jolla, but this makes no sense for KGTV, since their transmitter is on Mt. Soledad. I would think any such LP station would also be digital.

    From wikipedia, KZSD-LP is listed as a sister station of KGTV. However, the wikipedia page for KZSD-LP lists it as an analog station on channel 41. Perhaps KZSD-LP is transitioning from 41 analog to 39 (41.1) digital and what you are seeing is some kind of testing.
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  5. sdmedia

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    From KGTV (just now):

    CH39 is a low power transmitter (KZSD) that is located in Jamul, CA. It used to carry Azteca Spanish network but is now a simulcast of ABC10 San Diego (Same content as 10.1 KGTV-DT). The future of CH39 analog is dependent right now on FCC ruling of the frequency spectrum. We should know more in the coming months. Thanks for watching.

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