KGTV to no longer carry LAFF TV

Discussion in 'KGTV (ABC)' started by Admin65, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Admin65

    Admin65 Administrator Staff Member

    Apparently, KGTV is discontinuing LAFF TV on 10.2 and has replaced it with a 24 hour news channel with repeats of their newscasts.
  2. jay214128

    jay214128 Member

    You need to rescan. KGTV moved LAFF TV from 10.2 to 10.3 (at least a week ago). They dropped Azteca on 10.15 and added news reruns on 10.2. News reruns makes no sense at all, news, by definition is supposed to be new.
  3. jay214128

    jay214128 Member

    I see that starting May 1, 2017, MeTV is moving from KFMB (8.2) to KGTV (10.2). This explains the temporary news rerun channel on 10.2.
  4. D. Bronzini

    D. Bronzini Member

    Thanks for the update! Good news for MeTV fans, since 8.2 is going to the CW.
  5. DRB

    DRB Member

    Interesting that MeTV is moving to KGTV's sub-channel, I didn't expect that.
    I thought the CW would just be added to KFMB in addition or perhaps replace 8-3.
    Hopefully the cable channels will be updated too, since right now MeTV is gone.
    It appears currently the 10news sub-channel (10.2) is on channel 15 for Time-Warner(Spectrum) and Cox cable systems in San Diego, so maybe that is where MeTV will appear? Spectrum cable already has relabeled channel 15 as MeTV on their online guide I see, though the channel is still showing 10 news.
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  6. Randy

    Randy New Member

    Interesting quirk with my Directv boxes - different dvr box versions. I have an AM-21 box on both so I can add the OTA to the channel guide and the one upstairs still has LAFF TV on 10.2, while downstairs it is the 10 news repeats. Both have MeTV programming starting on the guide at 6 am.
  7. AMoore10

    AMoore10 New Member

    FYI, the channel map for KGTV-DT OTA is as follows for the foreseeable future:
    10-1 KGTV ABC 10
    10-2 MeTV
    10-3 LaffTV

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