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Recent content by D. Bronzini

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    KSKT-CD on air from Mt. Woodson

    Just caught KSKT (ch 43.x) on a recent OTA scan. Several subchannels with some good oldies (Smothers Bros, Sonny&Cher, more) Fair signal in SDSU area. Haven't adjusted antenna yet.
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    KPBS "unplanned maintenance" Aug. 27-? , 2019

    The OTA transmissions were back in the early afternoon of 8/28/19.
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    KPBS "unplanned maintenance" Aug. 27-? , 2019

    No OTA of KPBS-TV (all 4 ch) since 8/27. News is scarce, but "unplanned maintenance" sounds a lot like "transmitter system failure." ...any insider info out there? Transmissions back on early afternoon of 8/28.
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    KBNT 17.3, 17.4 as of 4/19/18

    I just stumbled into new content on KBNT: 17.3 ("Stadium" sports net) and 17.4 ("Comet" sci-fi), physical ch. 25. Broadcast from Mt. Soledad. I was disappointed due to relentless commercial breaks (e.g. Comet has 5 min. commercial breaks for 10 min. of content). On 17.4, the sports are OLD and...
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    KGTV news on analog 39?

    I noticed this a couple of weeks ago (ch10.1 on analog 39). The signal is always weak, near SDSU, but enough to ID programs. Could this be some sort of "leak" from the cable system?
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    MeTV on ch. 10.2

    Yes, MeTV was cropping and zooming all over the place. "Diagnosis Murder" was the worst I've seen--really zoomed in full 16:9. I found similar complaints on some internet boards for other cities/stations showing MeTv. KGTV seems to have it setup right with Laff TV (sorry to see it go..). Seems...
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    MeTV on ch. 10.2

    I noticed that MeTV (ch. 10.2 KGTV) is cropping old shows shot in 4:3. The mode information lists 16:9, 480i on my TVs. Problem: Old shows in 4:3 film seem to be cropped/zoomed-in, e.g. 3:2 or 8:5 (approx.) leaving only very narrow bands on the side of the frame, and the heads cut off on top of...
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    49.1 / 49.2 guide info crossed?

    It's a strange station. I've tried several times to find some reliable programming info, but no luck. Too sketchy to bother with.
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    KGTV to no longer carry LAFF TV

    Thanks for the update! Good news for MeTV fans, since 8.2 is going to the CW.
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    CW switching to KFMB

    As of 4/30/17, Ch. 8.2 (was MeTV), is airing a horrid non-stop message saying "this channel will be CW on May 31st". ...and what will become of MeTV??
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    TV 39.1, .2, .20, .21 outages

    We are near SDSU and can see both Mt. Soledad and Mt. Miguel. A week or so ago, the station confirmed they were off the air ("low power") for a period, while cable feed was ok.
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    TV 39.1, .2, .20, .21 outages

    Jan 1, 10AM- Several hours of "zero" OTA signal from San Diego NBC 39. Are they trying to kill OTA? I have never seen outages like they are having, that is, of the length and the frequency in late 2016, now 2017. Any thoughts by experts out there?
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    TELX-HD Sub Channel

    Lucky you to get LA KNBC. I am seeing a lot of tiling on 39.x since they started cramming "4 pounds in a 3 pound bucket"!
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    TELX-HD Sub Channel

    KNSD 39.1, .2, .20, .21 back on the air--intermittently. Based on other local OTA TV with subchannels, using two 1080i and two 480 subchannels on one "band" is not advisable. Since COX is not using the OTA signal, I doubt if their viewers have these problems because Cox gets a full signal...
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    TELX-HD Sub Channel

    Yes, this is an OTA forum. I contacted the station and they were at reduced power (0 at our house).