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  1. Admin65

    CW switching to KFMB

    KFMB-DT2 now offers MyNetworkTV from 12-2a.
  2. Admin65

    No Impact in San Diego?

    That site you mention has an expired domain, at least when I clicked on the link.
  3. Admin65

    Spectrum Guide Thread

    Since the Navigator thread has been so popular on this site, perhaps it is time for Spectrum Guide to have its own thread.
  4. Admin65

    We're now SSL enabled

    We are now SSL enabled as your browser/device should now show a lock sign. This actually opens up possibilities before as we can enable push notifications. Links should redirect if they have not been updated to https. If you are in an area that hates HTTPS then that might be a problem, but I...
  5. Admin65

    Now SSL enabled!

    Now SSL enabled!
  6. Admin65

    Site Updates

    We are now SSL enabled. All traffic will be routed through SSL and if your bookmarks are not SSL enabled then it will automatically foward to the proper links.
  7. Admin65

    Cool Update!

    It is getting better! :)
  8. Admin65

    Site Updates

    I have been kind of forgetting about this website, but I have been slowly making some changes to the site. I have updated this site to XenForo v2.1 which is the latest version of this software. Tierrasanta theme will be supported in this new version, but I need to work my magic into this theme...
  9. Admin65

    MyTV now Milenio TV

    I was looking on Rabbitears.info and that KFMB-DT2 (CW6 SD) is now offering MyNetwork programming from 12-2am.
  10. Admin65

    LA stations

    Sadly the 600 MHz transition for the cell phone companies is making it hard for OTA.
  11. Admin65

    LA stations

    I believe KTCD is on Mt Woodson running Univision? KSDY runs Bereavision and spanish programming from Milenio TV (XHDTV-TDT) is also an affiliate. Bereavision can be streamed live on UStream.tv.
  12. Admin65

    LA stations

    https://www.rabbitears.info/contour.php?appid=25076f916810e1fa01687c9fd7937b3f&site=1 Here is the coverage map for KSDY-LD.
  13. Admin65

    LA stations

    KSDY-LD (50) and KTCD-LD (46) are both on CH. 31 so that is why you are getting interference. KSDY is on Mt. Miguel where all the other SD UHF stations are located. KSDY is currently running at 15kw and has a range of 34 miles.
  14. Admin65

    Roku OS8.2/9 and new streamers

    Also, there is a new Roku SE for 2018 which is just a rebranded Express for BF and Cyber Monday with a special white case but the front of the unit is black (probably for the IR receiver). MSRP is $19.99 and is a Walmart exclusive.
  15. Admin65

    Roku OS8.2/9 and new streamers

    OS 9 should be rolling out to Roku players. Roku will be discounting the Ultra to 49.99 for Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Edit: Walmart is selling Roku Ultra's for 48.00 with a $5 credit to Vudu and a $35 credit to SlingTV.
  16. Admin65

    MyTV now Milenio TV

    Mytv13's website is blank but MyNetwork still lists them as the affiliate? This is quite a strange saga.
  17. Admin65

    MyTV now Milenio TV

    I see that KZTC-LD on 7.1 has something labeled MyTV. Not sure if this is MyNetwork TV?
  18. Admin65


    Merger has been called off, but it is possible that KSWB could eventually become a Fox owned station. It depends on if Tribune gets bought and sold or it gets sold in chunks.
  19. Admin65

    KFMB sold to TEGNA

    Yes and their website was updated to show the new logo.
  20. Admin65

    MyTV now Milenio TV

    I did research this as well, and it appears that MyTV 13 is a Millenio TV station. However, MyNetwork TV is actually a syndication service which means they don't have original programming and air older shows from other networks. Affiliates can supplement this with other forms of syndicated...