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    KPBS "unplanned maintenance" Aug. 27-? , 2019

    No OTA of KPBS-TV (all 4 ch) since 8/27. News is scarce, but "unplanned maintenance" sounds a lot like "transmitter system failure." ...any insider info out there? Transmissions back on early afternoon of 8/28.
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    KBNT 17.3, 17.4 as of 4/19/18

    I just stumbled into new content on KBNT: 17.3 ("Stadium" sports net) and 17.4 ("Comet" sci-fi), physical ch. 25. Broadcast from Mt. Soledad. I was disappointed due to relentless commercial breaks (e.g. Comet has 5 min. commercial breaks for 10 min. of content). On 17.4, the sports are OLD and...
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    MeTV on ch. 10.2

    I noticed that MeTV (ch. 10.2 KGTV) is cropping old shows shot in 4:3. The mode information lists 16:9, 480i on my TVs. Problem: Old shows in 4:3 film seem to be cropped/zoomed-in, e.g. 3:2 or 8:5 (approx.) leaving only very narrow bands on the side of the frame, and the heads cut off on top of...
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    TV 39.1, .2, .20, .21 outages

    Jan 1, 10AM- Several hours of "zero" OTA signal from San Diego NBC 39. Are they trying to kill OTA? I have never seen outages like they are having, that is, of the length and the frequency in late 2016, now 2017. Any thoughts by experts out there?
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    Sony TVs: built-in signal strength for OTA antenna tuning

    I was surprised to find signal strength "buried" deep in my (2009) Sony Bravia 32in. Menu>Setup>Product Support>Signal Diagnostics The display has strength (0-100), errors, actual frequency, SNR (dB) and IF-AGC(%) and more. Super useful if you're trying to fine tune your antenna or diagnose...
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    CH 35 UCSD TV gone dark?

    Since late last week, CH 35, UCSD-TV (NTSC analog!) has shown "no signal". Nobody answers the phone and likewise with e-mail. Am I the only OTA viewer?? Sad state for such a prestigious U. They have excellent programming, in the mold of public TV before it went "big-time". Lots of University...
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    Please wake up the switchman at 8.2 (Me-TV)

    The wildfires have the local news people in a frenzy to out-do each other, but over at channel 8, they can't seem to sort out 8.1 from 8.2. They have been carrying the same prime-time content (CBS on both 8.1 & 8.2) for several hours after their fire stories finish. It makes one wonder if...
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    Subchannels: Why keep them a "secret"?

    In San Diego, we have some very entertaining subchannels if you like old reruns (which I do) and movies. They "respect" the programs, (e.g. they show credits in full and run them in order of the original broadcasts). In digital, they look better than ever! When I mention this to most people...
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    1080 or what?

    I'm watching (via antenna) NCAA basketball (Baylor v. Kentucky), and it looks like 480i resolution, while the TV is identifying it as 1080i. Of course, commercials and studio shots are his-res! Pretty amazing that they don't have the ballgame in HD--camera shortage?? Breakdown?