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    Cox HSI Switching To a Cap and Overages Scheme Starting December

    Union-Tribune has the info: http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/technology/sd-fi-cox-datacaps-20170925-story.html
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    Guide Info Down via OTA?

    Anyone else not getting guide info for KFMB via OTA? It seems like it's been down ever since KFMB was in the process of converting 8.2 into The CW and now 8.1, 8.2, & 8.3 are devoid of guide info.
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    CW switching to KFMB

    It starts on September 1st, 2017 for KFMB to air CW Network programming and will be on OTA channel 8.3 https://www.google.com/amp/www.sandiegouniontribune.com/entertainment/tv/sd-et-television-20170126-story,amp.html As a corollary XETV is shutting down its English language programming...
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    KGTV Down via OTA?

    I dunno what it is but I can never get KGTV at all via OTA lately. I've done multiple rescans over the past week. It's an attic antenna, and I can get every local San Diego station with the exception of KGTV and XETV. If my memory serves me right, KFMB, KGTV, and KPBS are all located on Mount...
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    Anyone Know of a Good OTA Antenna Installer/Consulting Service?

    With more and more options of streaming cable channels online (like Sling TV and Playstation Vue), I'm trying to get my parents to ditch DirecTV and go with one of the streaming services mentioned above to save some dough, at the same time still like the local channels. Now in the house, there's...
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    Chargers/Cardinals on KUSI

    Just an FYI if you don't get ESPN, KUSI will simulcast the Chargers/Cardinals game this Monday, September 7th, with kickoff scheduled for 7:20pm
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    Cox Whole Home DVR

    I might be moving to North Park, 92104 and it looks like my tv options are either Dish Network, DirecTV or Cox. As for whatever the reason, AT&T u-verse doesn't seem to serve 92104 south of University Ave. What I want to know is, has anyone here had experience with Cox's Whole Home DVR system? I...
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    Colts/Chargers on KUSI

    Blackout has been lifted for ESPN's presentation of Monday Night Football of the Colts/Chargers game scheduled to kickoff at 5:40pm and will be simulcasted on KUSI for those who don't have ESPN...
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    Chargers/Raiders Kickoff Time Change

    In case anyone didn't hear the news, the Chargers/Raiders game on Sunday, October 6th, kickoff has been pushed back from 1:25pm to 8:30pm. Yes that's not a misnomer people, 8:30pm PT. This is due to the Detroit Tigers & the Oakland Athletics playing the day before in the Division Series...
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    Texans/Chargers on KUSI

    Just a reminder for those who don't get ESPN, KUSI will be simulcasting the Texans/Chargers game with kickoff at 7:20pm (on the condition that the game is sold out). According to the Union-Tribune's Jay Posner via Twitter, the Chargers on Friday, September 6th received a 24 hour extension to...
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    CBS/KFMB going 16:9 Letterbox SD?

    I noticed over the weekend, was flipping through the channels & noticed a PGA golf event going on on KFMB. While that in of itself isn't news, I noticed that CBS had their logo on the bottom right portion of the screen outside of the 4:3 safe zone & in 16:9 letterbox standard definition. Also I...
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    Live Well Network

    Just saw a promo during the Texas/Kansas State football game with KGTV promoting the addition of Live Well Network effective December 13th on OTA ch. 10.2 and on Time Warner Cable channel 134. I can't confirm whether or not this means The Cool TV is being dropped from KGTV or being moved to a...
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    Chiefs vs Chargers-Thursday, November 2nd

    With the help of multiple sponsors, The Chiefs/Chargers game will be a "sellout" so that means KFMB will simulcast NFL Network's production of TNF:Chiefs/Chargers. Kickoff is at 5:20pm. Granted this doesn't have quite the same effect since Time Warner Cable put NFL Network on their cable system...
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    Monday Night Football-October 15th

    FYI, for those people who don't get ESPN, tonight's Broncos/Chargers game will be simulcasted on KFMB.
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    Time Warner Cable to start charging Modem Rental Fee

    FYI, Time Warner Cable is going to start charging a modem rental fee for modems owned by the cable company. Most TWC regions may have a different date than posted on this New York Times article. However I chatted with Time Warner Cable San Diego support and they did confirm that fee for this...
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    ABC transitioning to 16:9 letterbox standard definition?

    I noticed today that all the ESPN on ABC sporting events was in 16:9 letterbox on KGTV today. I could see it on my Slingbox installed at my friend's house which has Cox Cable, and I could see it on my tv at home which has Time Warner Cable. Can anyone confirm that it's also in 16:9 letterbox SD...
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    Prime Ticket Moving

    Couldn't help but notice that Prime Ticket is moving from ch. 694 to 693, effective February 19th. I wonder if that has something to do with the potential addition of FSN San Diego? It does seem oddly coincidental.
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    FS San Diego

    I wish this new FSN channel would be here already, but leave it to the Padres to screw up the ownership transition. I want my Clippers games!
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    KFMB Not Pre-Empting a 9am Saturday Sporting Event

    Was there a change in philosophy at KFMB? KFMB isn't pre-empting the 9am, Washington/Duke basketball game with their usual children's programming and joining the sporting event in progress at 10am. Trust me, I'm not complaining.
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    Thursday Night Football on November 10th

    Just a reminder for those people who don't get NFL Network, that the Raiders/Chargers game this Thursday will be simulcast on Fox 5/69.