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  1. K

    h264/MPEG4 video

    Does anybody know when/if TWC plans to deploy h264/MPEG4 video on the SDV or all protected channels? As my htpc build with windows Media Center relies on Intel's integrated graphics that are not compatible with the format I'd like some warning so that I can take appropriate action beforehand. (I...
  2. K

    TWC price rises Jan 2015

    Just got my bill and I see TWC will be increasing/introducing various charges in January. Does anybody know the basis of the new "Sports Programming Surcharge" ($2.75) shown on the list? Is that for everyone, or only say for those of us who get say ESPN or who (like me) pay for the Sports...
  3. K

    Cablecard and HTPC

    Can anyone tell me about their experience using a Time Warner San Diego cablecard and Tuning Adapter with htpc? I've used a regular ClearQAM digital USB tuner successfully with the pc in Win 7 with Windows Media Center and am planning on adding an ATI TV Wonder USB tuner so I can add a...
  4. K

    TWC/AT&T Price Match

    Has anyone had any success getting TWC to give them better rates rather than lose them to AT&T, and if so how did you achieve it? Some of the rates AT&T are offering are significantly better and although it's clearly easier to stick with what I've got I'd like to get them to recognize my long...
  5. K

    TWC overcharging Price Lock Gtee customers with Jan price rises

    Just want to warn other TWC Price Lock Guarantee customers that they should look out as TWC have increased my rate on my just received January 2011 bill, even though I have a two year Price Lock guarantee agreement thru May 2011. They increased my bill by $6.28 including fees/taxes. I assumed...