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    KUSI and KPBS issues

    Is anybody at TWC-SD paying attention to station issues? Both KUSI (channel 9) and KPBS (channel 11) are having long running issues (several days worth) of poor images and constant screen break ups. I'm not a viewer of those channels, but it is annoying to see when I happen to pass by those...
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    Packers/Chargers on ESPN/KFMB-8

    Just a reminder that tonight's Packers/Chargers game on ESPN will be simulcast on KFMB 8 starting at 5:00 PM (yes, game is sold out enough that blackout was lifted). For that reason, you might want to pad the end time of your programming tonight for any CBS programs that will run after the...
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    Bills/Chargers blacked out

    Sunday's Bills/Chargers game is blacked out. We get Raiders/Packers in the 1:15 slot instead. We also lose the early game (Chiefs/Jets).
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    Ravens/Chargers to remain on NBC SNF

    With mucho complaining going on, the highly anticipated 'flexing' out of Ravens/Chargers for Patriots/Broncos on December 18 will *NOT* happen. CBS complained that they already lost one Broncos game (last week's Broncos/Vikings game moved to Fox after the Colts/Patriots game originally...
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    Monday Night Football on October 31

    A reminder that KFMB will be simulcasting the ESPN broadcast of the Chargers/Chiefs game tonight, starting at 5:30 PM. CBS has announced that the network programs that air at 9, 9:30 and 10 will air at their normal times, the 8 and 8:30 programs won't air until sometime around 1:30 on Tuesday...
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    Big 10 Network wasting bandwidth?

    TWC shut down the extra channels of The Big 10 network, last year at least, when football wasn't on. This year, they've kept them up, and all they show are duplicates of what's on the main channel. :huh: Isn't that a serious waste of bandwidth, whether or not they're SDV channels? TWC could...