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  1. Mike Mantle

    KPBS Changing UHF Channels Feb 14

    FYI I have heard that KPBS will be moving it UHF 19 mid-day Feb 14, 2019. OTA users will need to rescan their TVs after the change.
  2. Mike Mantle

    No Impact in San Diego?

    I don't think spectrum repack impacts any of the San Diego TV stations other than UCSD-TV, which elected to go dark with their LPTV (they are still available on cable).
  3. Mike Mantle

    Spectrum Repack

    The FCC has apparently settled the spectrum repack plans. This will impact many San Diego and Los Angeles broadcasters. Some will change frequencies and some will go off the air. Would it make sense to open a new forum here for discussion of that or perhaps you would prefer it go in an existing...
  4. Mike Mantle

    4K on Netflix

    Has anyone viewed the 4K content on Netflix using a 4K TV? I recently had my 3 yr old top of the line Samsung 3D TV die on me (argh!) and replaced it with a Sony 4K but didn't want to spend the extra money on a UHD and HDR set. The sour taste of having spent $2500 on the Samsung a mere three...
  5. Mike Mantle

    4K Forum

    Now that 4K TVs are widely available, perhaps you could add it to the 3D forum or create a separate one. I'm going to post a 4K question in the 3D forum for now.
  6. Mike Mantle

    Device For Wifi Streaming Audio

    Looking for suggestions/recommendations on a device for streaming PC audio to a stereo system in another room. IE the Apple Air Station. Only problem with that one is that I don't have an Apple base station (router). Important to me is price, range, audio quality, not necessarily in that order.