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  1. Mike Mantle

    DirecTV to eliminate SD

    Do most or all modern DTV boxes downconvert from HD to SD if needed? In this day and age, I'd think almost everyone has an HDTV. The prices are so low, who would keep their old 4:3 clunker TV these days? :)
  2. Mike Mantle

    KPBS Changing UHF Channels Feb 14

    My apologies, it's March 14, not Feb 14.
  3. Mike Mantle

    KPBS Changing UHF Channels Feb 14

    Yes, I hear that KSWB and others are moving that day. Must be a well orchestrated exercise.
  4. Mike Mantle

    No Impact in San Diego?

    See my post today in the KPBS forum.
  5. Mike Mantle

    KPBS Changing UHF Channels Feb 14

    FYI I have heard that KPBS will be moving it UHF 19 mid-day Feb 14, 2019. OTA users will need to rescan their TVs after the change.
  6. Mike Mantle

    No Impact in San Diego?

    I don't think spectrum repack impacts any of the San Diego TV stations other than UCSD-TV, which elected to go dark with their LPTV (they are still available on cable).
  7. Mike Mantle

    Spectrum Repack

    The FCC has apparently settled the spectrum repack plans. This will impact many San Diego and Los Angeles broadcasters. Some will change frequencies and some will go off the air. Would it make sense to open a new forum here for discussion of that or perhaps you would prefer it go in an existing...
  8. Mike Mantle

    XETV's future

    I agree, XETV has been a part of San Diego for so many decades. Very sorry to see them go. I have contact with some of their former employees and know that many at the station found new employers here or in other markets. San Diego has a large Hispanic population so XETV's next chapter should...
  9. Mike Mantle

    CW switching to KFMB

    Not quite sure I agree with that as I saw ads on KFMB and on DT2 leading up to the switch. Was it mass advertising? Perhaps not. I only get the UT on Thursdays and Sundays and didn't see anything there either I don't think but I may have missed it. I am in the know so I knew of this change MANY...
  10. Mike Mantle

    CW switching to KFMB

    I wonder how many viewers were confused to see News8 on Channel 6 this morning. I didn't watch long enough to see if they had a crawl running describing the change (I didn't see one while I was tuned in though).
  11. Mike Mantle

    Bay City TV shutting down :-(

    I think you mean Gala TV, not Galavision. But even that is in doubt now according to Wikipedia.
  12. Mike Mantle

    Light TV now on KTTV

    What is the make up of those sub channels? HD, SD? That is a lot of sub channels for 8VSB I would think.
  13. Mike Mantle

    KGTV Down via OTA?

    Booker, what is your location? It's possible that you were right on the edge signal-wise for KGTV and that something has changed. If it were me, I'd focus on what may have changed. Did your attic antenna move a bit? Did something get placed on the roof or did a tree grow in front of it in the...
  14. Mike Mantle

    4K on Netflix

    Thanks, I do have the top end Netflix account. Can I get Grand Tour free using my Amazon Prime account?
  15. Mike Mantle

    KPBS Sub Channels

    Not sure what you are asking but if it's related to compression, KPBS has invested in a new encoding system that allows two HD and more than one SD in the same bandwidth as before. This is not new. At least one station in Los Angeles has been doing the same thing for some time now. Encoding...
  16. Mike Mantle

    4K on Netflix

    Has anyone viewed the 4K content on Netflix using a 4K TV? I recently had my 3 yr old top of the line Samsung 3D TV die on me (argh!) and replaced it with a Sony 4K but didn't want to spend the extra money on a UHD and HDR set. The sour taste of having spent $2500 on the Samsung a mere three...
  17. Mike Mantle

    4K Forum

    Now that 4K TVs are widely available, perhaps you could add it to the 3D forum or create a separate one. I'm going to post a 4K question in the 3D forum for now.
  18. Mike Mantle

    KPBS Sub Channels

    I haven't seen it yet as it hasn't been added to Cox yet but according to Wikipedia, "KPBS-HD2 airs "Classical San Diego", featuring music from the syndicated Classical 24 service."
  19. Mike Mantle

    TELX-HD Sub Channel

    You must mean on antenna. On Cox cable, Cozi Ch 807 is just fine.
  20. Mike Mantle

    MPEG4 channels

    Brian, the triangle symbol does not mean MPEG-4 according to the link you provided. In fact, there is no mention of MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 on that channel list. Also, many of the channels you listed are MPEG-2 on Cox in San Diego. For example, NFL Network HD has never been MPEG-4. Cox moved many of...