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  1. J

    ThisTV now on KDOC

    KTLA and KSWB both dropped ThisTV in October, replacing it with Court TV. I noticed that ThisTV is now available on KDOC (56.6).
  2. J

    Decades TV now on KTTV

    Decades TV has now moved from KCBS (2.2) to KTTV (11.4). It is now receivable again :-).
  3. J

    KTLA Added TBD Network

    KTLA has added another sub channel (5.4) that carries the TBD Network (http://tbd.com).
  4. J

    Justice Network

    KSWB has added the Justice Network on 69.4.
  5. J

    Escape TV

    Looks like KGTV has added yet another sub channel (10.4, Escape TV).
  6. J

    Light TV now on KTTV

    I noticed that KTTV has added a sub channel (11.3) for the new Light TV network. Looks like another MGM based network. From the Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light_TV) entry, it does not look that interesting, content wise.
  7. J

    TELX-HD Sub Channel

    I see that KNSD has added two additional sub channels. TELX-HD (39.20, 1080i) and TELX-DT (39.21, 480i). They both seem to be broadcasting the same programming, which in itself is a waste of bandwidth. The bad news is that this can only reduce the quality of KNSD-HD, the NBC HD channel...
  8. J

    KPBS Sub Channels

    Looks like KPBS has changed their sub channel assignments, dropping V-me. The PSIP data now indicates 15.1 (KPBS-HD), 15.2 (KPBSHD2), 15.3 (CREATE), and 15.4 (PBSKIDS). As a result, their HD sub channel (15.1) has also changed from 1080i to 720p. The KPBS website has TV listings for KPBS-HD...
  9. J

    Movies! TV Network on KCOP

    KCOP has added another sub channel (13.3) that is carrying the Movies! TV Network (http://www.moviestvnetwork.com). It is a 480i 16:9 aspect ratio channel. KCOP now has 4 sub channels (KCOP-DT, KTTV-DT, BOUNCE, MOVIES). Jay
  10. J

    KPBS Off Air

    Looks like KPBS is off the air today. Hope it is only temporary.
  11. J

    Cable Modem Recommendation

    I'm looking at switching from DSL to cable for my ISP. I'm looking for any recommendations for a cable modem to purchase. Looking online, it seems that they all have bad reviews. Some of them must work OK. I don't need/want wireless or a gateway/router, just a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. This...
  12. J


    I have noticed that KPXN-DT has several encrypted sub channels. PID PSIP Network 3 30.1 ION 4 30.2 qubo 5 30.3 IONLife 100 30.100 Airbox (encrypted) 101 30.101 Starz (encrypted) 200 30.200 Airbox2 (encrypted) 209 30.209 GolTV (encrypted) 300 30.300 TeleFor (encrypted) 301 30.301...
  13. J


    KDOC has once again turned on their HD sub channel (56.1) and moved their SD sub channel to 56.3. ESNE remains on 56.2. I hope they have other plans for their simulcast SD channel (56.3), since it is a waste of bandwidth (56.1 carries the same programming). Just in time for the end of the...