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    Heroes & Icons starting on 13.4 KCOP LA

    For those in San Diego able to get KCOP from L.A. a new sub-channel 13.4 has been added and will start showing Heroes & Icons on 10/1/15 (http://handitvnetwork.com/) KCOP 13.1 HD 720 BUZZR 13.2 SD 480 MOVIES! 13.3 SD 480 H&I 13.4 SD 480
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    JapanTV in clear

    I am not sure why but JapanTV on ch. 400 is in clear. Now, if I could only speak Japanese.... :huh: [hr] And the reason is: http://www.rapidtvnews.com/index.php/24789/tv-japan-looks-to-boost-u-s-viewership-with-free-preview.html
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    Hello, any timeframe when channel 998 SportsZone will return to normal? Right now it still reflects channels for Olympic coverage. Thanks