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    Comcast merger with TW may be dead

    A number of news sources are reporting today that Comcast has or will very soon walk away from the Time Warner merger. Obviously anything can happen until it's official. If  true, a smaller company (Charter?)  may merge with TW too. Bloomberg is reporting as follows: 4/23/2015:  Comcast Plans...
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    Time Warner/Comcast merger

    I for one am not happy with their proposed merger. if you search aroud you can read horror stories on Comcast. I recently called a TW tech support number and got reps in another state who openly complained they were stuck with Comcast and are unhappy. Basically we can expect poorer service...
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    Is Fox Business on a QAM tuner

    Can anyone get the Fox Business Channel on their QAM tuner?
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    Looks like TW may have messed up our QAM tuners again

    The last 2 days, NBC 39 HD stopped and was shown on 79-356. Today, many more channels were lost on my QAM tuner. KUSI is 79-359 today rather than 51. 8-1 (CDS HD is gone. 10.1 is gone. So I did another full rescan and 51 and 39 are still missing but most channels are elsewhere again. Up in...
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    Maybe TW cable will start to figure us out

    Interesting story in today's WSJ. The main story is about possible cable mergers. But some info in the story is insightful. IE: If the trend continues, TW is on pace to lose nearly 500,000 cable TV subscribers a year. "...Time Warner Cable's performance has lagged behind that of its peers. In...
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    Settings on your TW DVR cable box

    I have always just set my "output resolution" to 1080i/60i under settings on my HD TW Cable boxes. A friend came over and said I should use 720P/60P. While many feel 720P is better than 1080i, on my Samsung LED TV's I really cannot see a difference. I was curious how others are setting their...
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    Odd thing with TW and my QAM tuners last night

    I have 2 newer Samsung TV's connected to TW and use their QAM tuners to watch local channels in HD and many others in SD. No cable boxes are used. This morning, I turned on both TV's and they had lost their proper channel lists that were scanned previously. So I had to rescan them, have...
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    My Cisco DVR did something odd

    My replacement Cisco DVR box with about 320 gb of drive space had only 9 one hour HD programs pre-recorded yet the box showed that 98% of the drive was used. Just standard 1080i shows like Burn Notice and Falling Skies. I deleted 6 shows and rebooted the box. Then with only 3 shows on it it...
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    Can anyone confirm RR Extreme speed

    I am considering moving up to Roadrunner Extreme for an extra $20 a month. The TW rep can not guarantee at least 30/5 speeds. Does anyone have Extreme and tested it for speed?
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    What HD converter to get

    My free extra DVR deal with TW is about gone. I plan to just go back to an HD converter box. I need HDMI, 3D capability, and both Optical Digital and RCA Digital outputs. Anyone have a suggestion for their newer and better HD boxes?
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    Adding extra drive to SA 8300HDC

    I just swapped a dead Samsung DVR for a Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC DVR. I had no choice. It's drive is about have of my other Cisco DVR which are in very short supply. I hooked up an external 300 gig drive via firewire to the 8300. When I turned them on, the DVR said Hard Drive not...
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    Time Warner phone service

    Anyone have a TW phone? Will it hookup to every existing phone jack in my house so each room can have phone service. Do they provide a backup battery? Does the phone impact their Internet 10mbps speed?