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  1. Admin65

    XETV's future

    Yesterday, XETV had their final day of broadcasting as an English station. Yes, you have heard the rumors on this site that it will be changing to Canal 5 (Mexican station). I have decided to take off the XETV forum in the main OTA section. Those who wish to view the section can now do so in the...
  2. Admin65

    KGTV to no longer carry LAFF TV

    Apparently, KGTV is discontinuing LAFF TV on 10.2 and has replaced it with a 24 hour news channel with repeats of their newscasts.
  3. Admin65

    NBC to Launch Telemundo San Diego

    http://www.broadcastingcable.com/news/local-tv/nbc-launching-telemundo-owned-station-san-diego/163150 I guess Comcast is thinking of the long term viability of KNSD by offering a new Telemundo station. Yes, KNSD will have terrible PQ, but this is really for Comcast (NBC) to lock up the Spanish...
  4. B

    Anyone Know of a Good OTA Antenna Installer/Consulting Service?

    With more and more options of streaming cable channels online (like Sling TV and Playstation Vue), I'm trying to get my parents to ditch DirecTV and go with one of the streaming services mentioned above to save some dough, at the same time still like the local channels. Now in the house, there's...
  5. N

    Mohu 1080p HDTV Streaming Media and App Box

    Mohu "Channels" (discontinued by Mohu, but still works) I just bought this online and hooked it up. *Not a DVR* but it will pause, play rewind live TV if plugged in external USB hard drive. The main draw to this is FREE EPG TV Guide. no need to spend $250 for a Channel Master unless the DVR...