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Adding extra drive to SA 8300HDC

I just swapped a dead Samsung DVR for a Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC DVR. I had no choice. It's drive is about have of my other Cisco DVR which are in very short supply. I hooked up an external 300 gig drive via firewire to the 8300. When I turned them on, the DVR said Hard Drive not formatted...Press A to format. After that was done, I went into the Internal menu on the DVR (Volume + and Info) and scrolled down. It showed both drives even the new model numer and its size. Then I went into the saved programs on the DVR and it still showed the same "7% Full". So how do I know the new drive is really ready to use? Are there any other settings I need to make?


Staff member
What is making it work is the size. ODN works best with drives under 500 GB. I have no idea why, but ODN is very picky with eSATA.