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Any TWC Navigator Updates/News?


Hey Admin,

Sorry it has been so long! ODN Navigator just released a new version ODN 9.0. According to DSL Reports the following are present:


Color scheme ("new") is now gray/dark instead of blue/dark (highlighted items are blue/border blue)

  • Separation lines (probably for "readability") between different rows/items
  • Corner "PIP" windows for current playback/content (Guide/List) are now properly sized at 16:9 instead of 4:3
  • Significant speedup of UI navigation in general (remains to be seen whether this lasts)
Read about it here:

North Carolina, and California have it in some areas. Admin, do you have any Spectrum services at all?



Staff member
ODN 9.0 is out in certain areas and seems to have bugs in the search function on advanced boxes.