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Anyone Know of a Good OTA Antenna Installer/Consulting Service?

With more and more options of streaming cable channels online (like Sling TV and Playstation Vue), I'm trying to get my parents to ditch DirecTV and go with one of the streaming services mentioned above to save some dough, at the same time still like the local channels. Now in the house, there's already a tv antenna installed in the attic. I guess it's a matter of switching the coax line from DirecTV back into in OTA antenna service. I'm not sure how to do this myself which is where the consulting service comes in, but I figure it's worth a look (by the way I don't really care about getting Los Angeles television channels, just the main San Diego channels, and I'm not worried about XETV-DT/CW-6 or XHDTV-DT/my 13). In the image below is the TV Fool report. Thanks for your help and info in this forum guys!



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We are about to cut the cord. Way back when I tried an attic install, couldn't get 8 or 10 to save my life. Tried outside, nada. Put up a small outdoor antenna last weekend and got them all by pointing at Soledad. We're going to stay DirecTV customers, but use the DirecTVNOW product. While we can get them OTA, it comes with NBC and FOX, plus ABC streaming. That left out CBS which we will subscribe to so we can watch shows. You could have them go that route and they'd be pretty well covered, CBS all access has our local channel 8 live.

All in I spent a couple hundred getting things ready. Going to spend another $150 on the HDHomeRun and Channels app for locals. Eventually an NAS for DVR function. DirecTV is about $120 a month. This will all run on AppleTV and cost about $70. Because we have cell phones with AT&T, we get HBO free indefinitely and a $25 a month credit. I'm dumping Uverse voice and internet and going with Cox Gig and Ooma. They offered Gig with $100 install, plus $70 a month. Current phone and Internet is $140. Ooma is taxes only and the hub wasn't $75 on Amazon. It's pretty crazy money we'll be saving. Our last AT&T bill was $430. They next one will be well under $300 betWeen Cell/DirecTVNOW and Cox. The math is shocking. Even with the equipment outlay I'll be ahead by about $600 this year and a good $1000 going forward. I figure by then all the locals will be on DirecTVNOW and they'll have some sort of Cloud DVR.

Antenna that worked from 91914:


This after I tried an eight bay bow tie 12-13 years ago.