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Black Friday 2015

Are you Planning to shop on Black Friday or Black Thanksgiving weekend?

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It's that time of year again, let the deals and fighting begin. Some stores have some good TV deals and Best Buy is offering a 49" Toshiba TV for only $149.99 and that does top the $200 Panasonic 50." Stores are also offering pre Black Friday deals for those who want to shop earlier and take advantage of good deals. Hopefully, people who do decide to shop on Black Friday stay safe, and I do feel bad for those who have to work during Thanksgiving/Black Friday. If you see other deals on Black Friday or Black Thanksgiving, then post a reply.
Some people on slickdeals are getting the Toshiba 49L310U early and are even filing price protection to get it at the black friday price. It is apparently an ok TV. Not the best picture quality, but it is 1080p, and looks good once you do a nice calibration. Great TV if you have an old CRT and want to upgrade to a big HDTV.
Some people are not happy with the Toshiba 49" TV at Best Buy and there are those who camped out for a very long time to get it. I am thinking Discover will exclude BF for price matching. Amazon also had their 50" TV for 149.99 which is an app only deal. Might check out Barnes and Noble, but glad to not go to best buy to buy a junky "Toshiba" TV.