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Cable Modem Recommendation


I'm looking at switching from DSL to cable for my ISP. I'm looking for any recommendations for a cable modem to purchase. Looking online, it seems that they all have bad reviews. Some of them must work OK.

I don't need/want wireless or a gateway/router, just a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. This would be for Time Warner cable.



Time Warner includes a cable modem (typically Motorola) with the monthly fee on many of the packages.
I asked them recently and I wouldn't save anything on the monthly fee if I bought my own cable modem, so I just use the Motorola model they gave me - easy to exchange for another one for free at their office if it ever has a problem, unlike if I bought one.


Staff member
For that, you can buy a Motorola SB6141 at Amazon.


Costs around $94 and it is not that bad. It has DOCSIS 3.0, which is a good thing.


New Member
I bought a Netgear CD3000D (originally on Cox) on Craigslist for really cheap. It's a DOCSIS 3.0 modem and Wireless-N router.

Anyways, I chatted with a TWC rep online to see if a modem not listed on their approved list, such as my CG3000D, could still be provisioned for service. Here's what the rep said:

vinvam:so for example if i had the cg3000d already would i be able to activate it
TWC Rep:Yes
vinvam:i understand it's not approved but that doesn't mean it will not necessarily work
TWC Rep:Yes you can just call the local office and then get it approved.
Is it that simple? Just call in and get it provisioned? Is this representative correct or will I run into issues after I get my service installed on Saturday?