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CBS to test subchannels

Rick Shaw

DRB said:
Rick Shaw said:
What is the current bitrate for the primary channel, KFMB-DT?
The HD primary channel I get about 13Mbps.
No wonder their PQ dropped into the marginal area. They used to be around 18.5 Mbps. On the plus side, their programs take up a lot less space on my DVR. :)


KFMB appears to be tweaking the bitrate and format on the 8.2 subchannel this week.
Today I see the MPG2 bitrate on 8.2 has dropped to around 2.4Mpbs (used to be about 3.5Mbps) and the quality has dropped noticeably in fast motion scenes because of that. Severe macroblocking is now visible in very fast motion scenes, particulary scenes with moving water like in the end credits sequence of the classic Hawaii Five-O they air at noon weeksdays.

The formatting of the frame appears to have removed the underscan that before produced some noise at the extreme top of the frame that was only visible on displays with zero overscan. They appear to zoom in enough now to eliminate that.
The HD primary channel remains about 13.2Mpbs bitrate.


KFMB has added two more sub channels. 8.4 (Justice), which used to be on KSWB and 8.5 (Quest), which is also available on KFTR (46.5). KFMB's picture quality was already poor. It can only get worse with these two additional channels. It's all about the money..