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Charter to Merge with Brighthouse and TWC


Looks like Charter will merge with TWC and acquire Brighthouse as well. It is kind of funny that they are acquiring Brighthouse as Brighthouse has a complicated relationship with TWC. Charter is reported to offer TWC $195/share for a $55 billion offer. Brighthouse relies on Time Warner for their programming contracts, and they use the same cable boxes and infrastructure as Time warner. Even use the same program guide and tablet/smartphone app as well as their live TV VOD website for PC and Macs. I think Altice would be an interesting operator, but they are open to others, and Charter really wants to go in for the kill (TWC and Brighthouse), so that is probably why. I think TWC is not really interested in running a cable company.


Edit: Deal is official, signed at $55-56 billion at $195.71/share. Charter will buy brighthouse alongside merging with TWC, and Malone will buy $5 billion in New Charter stock to help finance along with other forms of financing to get this deal done. However, some people still say that the $55 billion deal is the correct one. Also, the Newhouse family which owns Brighthouse would also get a stake in the company.
That single DVR price is less than the current TWC pricing. Can we choose to move from the old pricing to the new?
It appears from more leaked documents that this will be the case for just one DVR. Charter might drop international calling to certain countries, which might cause those to move to other phone services. Of course, Charter can just sell people such service in an international package that includes certain minutes and perhaps those countries that get free international calling.
Charter is planning to add a bunch of HD channels, some of which might include AXS.TV and HDNet Movies.
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Everything has finally been rebranded as spectrum as the boxes now display Spectrum and so does the website. Still branded as Time Warner Cable Spectrum, but the TWC part will be dropped eventually.
Since the transition is live, I have changed the TWC forum over to Spectrum. It also seems that you might have to sign up for Spectrum for channels like AXS.TV or something like that. Would be nice if grandfathered customers could get these.
New HD channels a plenty here! Still no AXS.TV and HDNet movies, which are probably requested additions for legacy TWC customers. Still TWC Spectrum branding, but it is a temp move until we get moved on over to Charter Spectrum. That is why I am simply calling it Spectrum as it can be used with TWC (for now), then Charter.
New HD channels a plenty here! Still no AXS.TV and HDNet movies, which are probably requested additions for legacy TWC customers. Still TWC Spectrum branding, but it is a temp move until we get moved on over to Charter Spectrum. That is why I am simply calling it Spectrum as it can be used with TWC (for now), then Charter.
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That's great! I would say that because this is a merger, you would probably not need to go to a Spectrum Package to get the added channels. More likely, Charter is working out deals and contracts to bring those channels to new TWC/Spectrum markets and the deals are taking longer, because they are working to get them across other cities, states, and systems. I was told that Charter can't just "plop new channels" that they have had for years in legacy Spectrum markets like HDNet Movies or The Blaze without getting a deal for carriage specific to newly acquired TWC markets.

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I noticed that since the Spectrum name change, the TWC app for my Samsung smart TV was updated about a month ago and now it often switches to long TWC/Spectrum commercials when I change a channel. Makes it terrible to use now.
However on another TV I have a Roku and the Roku TWC app doesn't do that (at least not yet?)
Roku might be behind on the app front! TWC is rebranding everything to Spectrum, but the TWC name and logo is staying alongside Spectrum (for now). Plan is to either brand it as Charter Spectrum, or just brand it Spectrum, but keep Charter for corporate purposes!
Interesting story in the Business Section of today's Union Tribune. It concerns new Charter Communications prices as older plans roll off. My old plan expired just about the time the buy-out of Time Warner was completed. They wanted to raise my prices over 15% to over $140 a month. No deals or special treatment for a 14 year customer at two homes. So several months ago I dropped all but TW's Internet and went to Playstation Vue along with my OTA antenna. While Vue has is occasional moments I only pay $30 for Vue and $$40 for 50/5 Internet. I get ESPN, NBC Sports and FOX Sports channels. And I am saving over $800 a year. But as for today's news story on Charter.

October 4, 2016: "Attention former Time Warner customers: Get ready for your cable bill to go up"

"...As current bundles and promotions expire, the Stamford, Conn., company will transition customers to a new — and newly priced — array of service packages, and that will mean price hikes for many people.... At the same time, Charter boasts that it doesn’t lock customers into long-term contracts. That gives people the ability to cancel their service whenever they please. But it also means Charter can raise rates at any time.... The prospect of looming price hikes seems to validate what critics warned before Charter’s merger with Time Warner: With fewer players in the cable market, consumers inevitably will pay more for service. “Spectrum is proving the worst suspicions of consumers,” said Jamie Court, president of the Santa Monica advocacy group Consumer Watchdog. “Bigger isn’t better when there’s only one broadband line coming into people’s houses.”... Rutledge also said Spectrum will be less flexible than Time Warner was in offering price cuts to customers who threatened to take their business elsewhere.

The plan for now is Charter teaming up with Verizon for Wireless, but that could eventually lead into a merger. I do think a Trump administration could block it or could be for it. I do think a deal like that would require very powerful conditions.