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FS San Diego

At least it's now on AT&T U-Verse (for last game of 2012 Padres season).



Staff member

TWC has restarted negotiations with Fox to carry FSSD. I am not sure what the outcome will be, but maybe TWC might carry Padres games this season. City of Coronado and Local officials want TWC to carry FSSD.
Baseball season started and still nothing. I don't think local TWC management gives a hoot anymore. Hey, the Padres are going to stink anyway in 2013, maybe a blessing in disguise.
humdinger70 said:
Any news?
Nope. I think at least for this season, the only chance to see the Padres on FSSD is by switching to AT&T u-verse, DirecTV, or Dish Network. Which is what I did back in November of last year to AT&T u-verse.


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humdinger70 said:
And now year three of no Padres on TWC.

Looks like FS San Diego is finally coming to TWC! About time they signed a deal.
Reminder. FSSD goes active March 30. BTW, no Padres game that day on the channel (they may show the pre-game opening day ceremonies). The game itself starts at 5:00 PM on ESPN (national game of the week).
Admin65 said:
And those in the Ex Adelphia area will no longer get FS Prime Ticket on March 30.
I would say that's the end of roughly a 13 year era. I remember when it showed on my friend's tv in Encinitas. I was super stoked to get the Clippers games on tv back then.