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Is XHDTV still broadcasting in analog?


New Member
Hi. Quick introduction: I'm Raymie, a TV researcher specializing (at least for now) on television in Mexico.

I have a simple question: Is XHDTV analog still on the air? I strongly suspect it is for several reasons:

-IFT records list XHDTV's analog facilities still, even though the ones for the Tijuana stations are gone.
-Tecate is not Tijuana and other documents referred to a 2014 transition date for XHDTV in Tecate along with other stations in various northern Mexican cities (of course, Mexico's DTV transition has not been a smooth ride).
-There's no evidence of XHDTV approaching the IFT to make this transition early voluntarily. XHILA Mexicali did this last year and it merited a press release.

I just need confirmation from someone in the area who can check that this is the case.