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KBNT 17.3, 17.4 as of 4/19/18

I just stumbled into new content on KBNT: 17.3 ("Stadium" sports net) and 17.4 ("Comet" sci-fi), physical ch. 25.
Broadcast from Mt. Soledad.
I was disappointed due to relentless commercial breaks (e.g. Comet has 5 min. commercial breaks for 10 min. of content). On 17.4, the sports are OLD and tired (showing an April, 2005 game between Detroit & K.C. !! seriously?).
I recognized Comet as a Roku channel i had quickly deleted in Feb. because of commercials.


And that is why I always record everything I watch. Why suffer through commercials. Comet is also available on KDOC 56.4 (32).