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KUSI and KPBS issues

Is anybody at TWC-SD paying attention to station issues? Both KUSI (channel 9) and KPBS (channel 11) are having long running issues (several days worth) of poor images and constant screen break ups.

I'm not a viewer of those channels, but it is annoying to see when I happen to pass by those channels to the ones I watch.


Staff member
KUSI is not known for good PQ, as their HD news looks terrible, even worse than DVD. I wonder if they are giving TWC a bad feed, or something like that. KPBS has a subchannel, which makes the quality worse than full bitrate 1080i.


New Member
Sometime recently (probably in October) KUSI and KPBS were moved down to QAM channel 3 (63 MHz), which is way lower than any of the other clear QAM locals (all the others are around channel 77/78, ~543 MHz).

If there's some problem with your signal (noise on channel 3, a crummy notch filter still on the line, etc) that could be causing problems for just those two channels.