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Mohu 1080p HDTV Streaming Media and App Box


New Member
Mohu "Channels" (discontinued by Mohu, but still works)
I just bought this online and hooked it up. *Not a DVR* but it will pause, play rewind live TV if plugged in external USB hard drive. The main draw to this is FREE EPG TV Guide. no need to spend $250 for a Channel Master unless the DVR feature is what you're looking for. Also, the Remote control / air-mouse function is a little buggy. But It has that USB port and is bluetooth enabled so you can program external mouse/keyboard/remote as desired.

And it is Android based so you can download apps from play store such as Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, Hulu, Crackle, etc...



New Member
I too recently purchased a Mohu Channels device and have now ordered two more. As nates0tt noted one of the draws is the free epg guide. The device is an android "tablet" with only 1.85Gb of storage so I am not planning to install Google Earth on it. There are probably a lot of other apps that tend to be large that one would want to use on a typical phone or tablet that are just not appropriate for use on a device meant for watching video. The integrated setup is okay and walks you through the basics and there is help along the way with the device and additional help/info can be found at the gomohu website.

The device has google play store so apps can be readily downloaded. The "Guide" presents a EPG format for the OTA channels and EPG info may take a while to populate. At the bottom of the OTA channel/program list are where "apps" and "web pages" are found. I think of the "Guide" format as an alternate way of presenting apps which on a typical android phone or tablet can be added to the home screen by selecting and holding for a couple of seconds from the list of all app. The "Guide" also works like the bookmarks bar on chrome in that you can add a web page as a channel to the "Guide". The device's default web browser is Lightning and its implementation on the device includes a button labeled "Add to Guide".

The "Guide" comes populated with Play Store as noted above as well as youtube, google search, google play music. I have added App2SD just as a way of seeing all the apps on the device since the remote does not have a button that functions like the :: icon on typical android phones and tablets. I have not found a way to move apps off the 1.85 Gb storage.

I initially connected the Mohu Channels to an older Sanyo tv with HDMI inputs. Boy was I disappointed cause I got nada from the device and was sure I got a lemon. However, I did some more reading and came across a caveat about the TV needing to be manufactured after 2008 so I hooked it up to a newer TV and voila!.

The device timeshifts (pause and rewind live OTA TV) but only for 30 minutes when a storage device is connected to the USB port on the device. I am using a 32Gb flash/jump drive (USB 2.0).

I don't know why this product has been discontinued. One might speculate several scenarios. As natesc0tt noted netflix, crackle and other apps can be downloaded and installed.

With this device I expect to be able to replicate most if not all the primary functions I have had available to me using an older computer (Windows 7 - Windows Media Center) as a Home Theater PC (HTPC). Now I am able to watch OTA programs, websites like Rainier, and content from Crackle on one monitor using a single remote. (the Mohu Channels device can be programmed using your tv's remote to control power, volume up, volume down and mute). Changing between an OTA TV episode to a movie from Crackle to a Youtube video is straightforward with a single remote.

Some people have had less than positive things to say about the remote which is a combination keyboard and (air) mouse (without, right click and scrolling). The remote has a "back button" that as far as I can tell works like the return arrow on a phone or tablet, while the Guide button on the remote works like the return to home screen icon on a phone or tablet. I have not found a way to get a list of "open" or "running" apps like the square icon on a phone or tablet.

The air mouse function throws people off because the motion of the cursor on the screen responds to the direction and speed at which the remote is moved and not the total distance it is moved so it is kinda like a WII remote and not. I find that as I use the remote with both hands my hands seem to point to the right while the cursor is in the middle of the TV/monitor screen. This is somewhat unsettling. I have found that if I slowly move my hands to left of center and then quickly jerk my hands to the right the cursor gets repositioned and it feels more "naturally aligned" with my hands in front of me and not off to the side.

If I could find a way to record OTA programs to USB storage this device would be utterly awesome. Frankly I am puzzled that this device was discontinued.

If you read this and have any tips about how to utilize the Mohu Channels device please post. I may also be able to respond to a question or two as well.