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My Cisco DVR did something odd

My replacement Cisco DVR box with about 320 gb of drive space had only 9 one hour HD programs pre-recorded yet the box showed that 98% of the drive was used. Just standard 1080i shows like Burn Notice and Falling Skies. I deleted 6 shows and rebooted the box. Then with only 3 shows on it it showed 38% used. Then as I watched, it dropped down to 7% used. I called TW and they had no answers. Has anyone else seen this problem? The real question, I really had lots of space left on the drive, but if it showed 98% used, would it still record new programs? Or start erasing what was on it first.
It did it to me too. I had usage at 91 per cent even though there was only one program recording. It must have caused an issue because a regular program that I record which is an hour long only recorded about 40 minutes of it. A reboot solved the issue, for now. I think a regular reboot on these boxes is in order or the OS inside gets confused after a while on the status of the system.



To elaborate on what the OP said, the Cisco boxes may have a small bug in them that causes the percent of DVR storage space to show an incorrect number. Rebooting the box will bring it down, but NOT INSTANTANEOUSLY! Customers may have to wait for about an hour, maybe more, maybe less, than the box will show the correct amount of storage space on its own.

At least I know it's not just my box. My previous Cisco DVR, which I had for over two years, never did it. My current one, which is about 30 days old, did it for the first time a day ago. A reboot did fix the problem and as Satch said, it was not immediate. I watched it reset down to 7% (which is probably correct) over about 10 minutes.