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Navigator Guide Series Recording Tips!


Hey All,

This thread is also posted in the pinned up Navigator Updates/News thread, but I have posted this on other TWC forums and it has been so helpful with overwhelming responses that I have included it here as a separate topic!


Navigator Guide Series Recording Tips!

I want to thank my good friend JC for help with this! Maybe it will help you guys as well: He says the following:

"Every one of my 70+ series is set for Anytime/New Only/Original Start and End Times:

1.) Setting the series option to "Anytime" just means that it will pick up the first non-conflicting airing it finds. It will not record the same episode a second time as long as the first recording remains in the record log (typically 10-14 days).

2.) Padding the start and end times in Navigator just creates more conflicts than you really have because it lacks the all-important "if possible" option for the padding that WMC7 offers. My STBs clock has been dead-on for years now. The only issue I really ever run into are some issues with transmission path and/or processing latency... usually less than 2 seconds. I can live with that. My only exceptions to my "no padding" rule are NFL and NASCAR events, which I add an extra hour to. I also add an extra hour to Sunday night CBS series because of NFL overruns earlier in the day.

3.) The best way to resolve conflicts is to NOT resolve conflicts. Baby sitting the box and trying to manually resolve series conflicts just does not work. Pay attention to your priority list... it is the best (by far) way to resolve conflicts. Generally, I put all one hour broadcast series at the top of the list, followed by half-hour broadcast series. They get top priority because they generally have zero repeat showings. These are followed by cable series, with the networks having the least number of repeats (for me... FX & SyFy) showings first, and the networks with the most repeats (USA!) last. Set up this way, the only missed recordings I EVER have are when there is an unresolvable three-way conflict where all three had no additional showings (which is EXTREMELY rare... can't even remember when the last time this ever happened to me).

4.) Remember that Navigator will show the third program as a conflict, even if additional showings are available, until AFTER the first conflicted showing passes. It will not reschedule the conflict until then. This seems to bother a lot of folks, but I think it is a good feature because it means that if the showing of one of the higher priority series gets canceled and updated in the guide, then the lower priority showing will still grab that first slot that was vacated.

5.) The only series recordings that EVER get screwed up for me are Discovery Networks shows... and these are screwed up because of the way they publish episode information. The same shows that get screwed up on Navigator also get screwed up on my WMC setups... and most likely the screw-up on both setups is to get extra recordings of the same episode, not missing any episodes."