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NBC to Launch Telemundo San Diego


I guess Comcast is thinking of the long term viability of KNSD by offering a new Telemundo station. Yes, KNSD will have terrible PQ, but this is really for Comcast (NBC) to lock up the Spanish viewers in San Diego, as Comcast has a nearly unlimited budget for a proper operation on a full power transmitter. This should not add much to the cost as they can use a lot of the same infrastructure and their new state of the art Kearny Mesa studio. Since it will be a subchannel, I guess that TELX (39.2) is just a place holder and this will be the spot for Telemundo in HD. I wonder if there will be a major channel like 12 or even 14 on Cable, as that would make a significant form of branding instead of the current cable channels.

XHAS would likely go to Azteca America or even Univision. Univision is a possibility as Televisa is investing in Univision as a part of their future IPO. Though there were rumors on the TVnews boards that XETV was going to get Univision as it would make for an attractive signal being full power and to also compete with Telemundo. I guess Televisa and Bay City saw the writing on the wall for CW after KFMB announced their secondary CW affiliation on 8.2. Entravision could move MyNetwork TV to XHAS, but that is unlikely. I think Gala TV going to XETV on 6.1 with Canal 5 on 6.2 is the likely scenario. XHAS could go indie or another Tijuana station could be added to it.

Here is a promo video for KNSD and the new Telemundo 20. 20 is the Spectrum channel for XHAS so I guess they wanted to make this an easy transition. Of course, cue the ripoff lyrics of an once popular song.

KNSD-DT New Multiplex
39.1 KNSD-HD
39.2 Cozi TV
39.20 Telemundo
39.21 Telexitos

NBC will be launching Telemundo 20 on July 1, on OTA channel 39.20 or channel 20 on Cable/U-Verse/Satellite etc. News (Noticeros) will not debut until the 3rd, but there will be a website up on June 1. Newscasts will be at 5, 5:30, 6, and 11PM. No Morning news (for now). A special news cast will be on July 1 at 6:00 PM to promote the new channel. This new network will be broadcasted at the new state of the art KNSD studios in Kearny Mesa and work has been done on the vans to advertise the new station.