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New higher u-verse data speeds coming at some point.


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Not sure at all on the timing, though I did see one post in another forum where the person said they'd been a tester of the 45Mbps svc.

Quote from the first sentence of the last paragraph - Link below:
"Project VIP includes an upgrade for U-verse to speeds of up to 75MBps and for U-verse IPDSLAM to speeds of up to 45MBps, with plans for higher speeds in the future."



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There is a move for AT&T to move fiber to the demarc line at the house. Some new houses have fiber in the walls too; but for these speeds, at least today, you'll need fiber to the residential gateway/house NOC. When then-Pac Bell was moving fiber in the county, most of it remained in place and can be used to accomplish this.


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AT&T's plan is to use vectored VDSL2 ...





My parents have a triple play bundle with AT&T u-verse phone, internet, and DirecTV, the bundle discount was set to expire on internet on March 23rd of this year. Since they have me in charge of technology related stuff, I called AT&T up, and see what they could do. They offered us "Internet 45" for $30/mo for one year and a $10 discount on u-verse phone which was acceptable to me. At first I was somewhat surprised that we had to wait a few days (not just because of the 1 day CWA strike) but AT&T had to send a tech out to the VRAD to switch out some sort of network profile card. After that was swapped out, we got our speeds. Once that went through, I checked to make sure the new internet plan went through, and then I noticed there were some new tiers ("Internet 50" and "Internet 75") which I've not seen in Carlsbad, 92011. So with Internet 25, 45, and 50 all being the same cost of $30/mo (bundle price), I switched again to Internet 50 which is officially 50Mbps down/10Mbps upload. I tested on the AT&T supplied Pace 5268ac router's 5GHz network and on my iPhone 7 Plus, and recieved 51.4Mbps down/12.71Mbps up with 20ms ping and on my MacBook Pro, received 54.09Mbps down/12.21Mbps up with 28ms ping. Anyways I hope this info helps.

PS>Rumor has it that AT&T Internet 75's upload speed has been increased to 20Mbps, with eventually the download speed being increased to 100Mbps.