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Portable/Battery Operated Mobile DTVs


New Member
:idea: Power is back on in most of SD...and maybe Imperial, OC, Norte-Baja, et. al.

For those considering buying a battery operated DTV or USB Stick: "ATSC-M/H" (Mobile/Handheld)
DTV devices are coming on the market which can ALSO receive the much more robust ATSC
"A/153" signals, since trying to receive current ATSC "A/53" DTV signals can be a problem for indoor
and mobile operations (low speeds only), esp with just a tiny antenna. Fol. are available (soon???)
(there may be others): http://www.ezdigitaltv.com/Mobile_DTV_Devices.html

Thus far 5 stations in LA & KNSD in SD: http://www.rabbitears.info/market.php?request=atscmph

We have Car Chargers for all our mobile phones: may need to turn key to "ACCessory" to activate
"cigarette lighter" outlet--no need to run engine--it's got a much LARGER 12V battery.
But I did see that some of the portable AM/FM-Radio/Light systems now include USB charging outlet.