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Quality - TV vs Broadcast


New Member
I was over at Costco and took a look at some of their larger screens. Specifically I was viewing a couple of 240Hz screens, and Costco was showing some sort of "demo" mode on all the screens. In the Ice Hockey portion, nice because several of the new TVs have large screens that make it easy to "find" the puck, but the puck's motion was reasonably jerky in the slow motion highlight segment.

Am I to understand that this same Ice Hockey demo would have appeared significantly smoother on a 960Hz screen, or would it simply have not mattered? Or does it depend on so many factors that are out of a TV's control, that the investment in a "more capable" set rarely matters?


Staff member
960Hz TV's are not really 960 Hz. I know Samsung uses a 240Hz panel on those sets. Such technology is rather controversial as some people find that effect to be rather annoying. My 55" Sony is a 120Hz TV, but we usually keep that setting off.