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Ravens/Chargers to remain on NBC SNF

With mucho complaining going on, the highly anticipated 'flexing' out of Ravens/Chargers for Patriots/Broncos on December 18 will *NOT* happen.

CBS complained that they already lost one Broncos game (last week's Broncos/Vikings game moved to Fox after the Colts/Patriots game originally scheduled for NBC SNF was flexed out for Lions/Saints) and didn't want to lose another. Tebow-mania, indeed. :D

So the originally scheduled game for SNF on 12/18 between the Ravens and Chargers will remain such.

Now let's just hope the game sells out so we don't get more embarrassment thrown our way by being the only market nation-wide not allowed to see it. :rolleyes: [hr]
FYI, link from article from U-T: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/dec/07/no-flex-chargers-ravens-game/