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Silicon Dust HDHomeRun Kickstarter

Considering how Media center is now dead, this might be the only PC based option for TWC subscribers. If you donate $100 over your current level, you get 5 years of EPG data. Looks pretty cool, and you can use an Android TV box, and use a standard Q-NAP, Windows, MyCloud, and hopefully Synology. Would love it, if FreeNAS was supported as well.


Thinking of doing this with the 4TB NAS drive, as I do not have an HDHomeRun, nor a NAS. I am also looking into a NAS for the front end, once I rework some things.
Doing very well right now as it has gotten over around 363,375, but could go up once it is finished and I hope to report on this new project. Probably should get an android tv box or a nuc.
Filled out my survey for 2x HDHR3-CC, instead of 1 HDR3CC and an OTA tuner. I am getting a 4tb NAS drive as well, but hopefully will upgrade to a larger and better one eventually.
Have not really used it recently, since TWC copy flags practically every single channel other than the locals, but the good news is that DRM support is coming. It does require a new View app and can only be accessed on OSX, Windows, and Android.