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Sony TVs: built-in signal strength for OTA antenna tuning

I was surprised to find signal strength "buried" deep in my (2009) Sony Bravia 32in.
Menu>Setup>Product Support>Signal Diagnostics

The display has strength (0-100), errors, actual frequency, SNR (dB) and IF-AGC(%) and more.
Super useful if you're trying to fine tune your antenna or diagnose poor reception.
Signals <55 were useless. Meas. 65-77 on locals, all with good solid image.
My friend has a similar model, with slight difference in menu path. He also has a new 50in. that has a similar feature. I would encourage fellow OTA-ers to sit down (with a beer?) and look thru all the menu pages. Things are not always located in the most logical place!


I've found similar signal strength info under Diagnostics on Samsung HDTVs for the past several years as well.