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Spectrum Repack

Mike Mantle

The FCC has apparently settled the spectrum repack plans. This will impact many San Diego and Los Angeles broadcasters. Some will change frequencies and some will go off the air. Would it make sense to open a new forum here for discussion of that or perhaps you would prefer it go in an existing one? There are many phases to repack and the first phase begins in December, 2018. Plenty of time to work through things. Or for things to change. :)

For antenna users, they will need to rescan TVs and/or other devices on the day of or shortly after the channel changes. Or so it is thought. I think some devices react differently than others?


Staff member
Then again, the spectrum repacking can be mitigated (for the most part) with ATSC 3.0. Though, Mexico will probably stay with ATSC 1.0 (unless they decide to switch as well). ATSC 3.0 transition will not have a CECB program, so those with ATSC 1.0 TV's will have to buy their own box or use streaming services. I expect broadcasters to have a Multiplex ATSC 1.0 tower in SD to convince those to switch over to ATSC 3.0. It is going to be an interesting future as wireless want all the spectrum for their pet projects and not for broadcast TV.