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StraightUp Prepaid Internet by Cox


Staff member

It seems that Cox is now offering Prepaid internet in certain parts of SD. This new Straightup internet tier offers 25/3 connection which happens to be to meet the FCC's minimum definition of Broadband, along with their free gateway for only $50/month. Service is capped to 1TB (not sure on overages with this service). No credit check, contract or any of those things and there is EasyPay if you wish to have a monthly bill. You can use your own modem/router combo, but you do have the option of keeping the gateway device for when you decide to disconnect the service. Oh and you cannot bundle TV and phone with this service as those are billed separately.

I have a feeling this is in areas that have high rates of disconnects, hence the need for a prepaid internet service. Some people just cannot afford to have internet every month and live paycheck to paycheck.