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Time Warner/Comcast merger

kevinc said:
Time Warner Inc (stock ticker TWX) = content company owning HBO, CNN etc, recently bid for by Murdoch's Fox.

Time Warner Cable (stock ticker TWC) = cable company merging with Comcast.
I read that the Fox deal was rejected because something like $60 billion of the Fox price was in stock. But don't count Fox out just yet.


Staff member

Here is an interesting article, that points out that Tivo and Comcast are working on a non CableCARD security solution. This could allow a TiVo to have full access to Cable TV, VOD, and maybe SDV (if the operator has it enabled and uses Tivo TA less SDV implementation) without the need for a CableCARD. Not sure how this will effect those on MediaCenter and other solutions, but Comcast and the cableco's will likely keep CableCARD going for a long time, as even Comcast and Time warner have boxes that use CableCARD security systems. What would really be cool, is that this security system could be integrated into a CableCARD, but I doubt that will happen. I predict this is a return of DCAS, which was being pegged by CableLabs and the cableco's, but was rejected, likely due to costs.