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Time-Warner Outages in San Diego Area


Anyone else have a complete Time-Warner cable/internet outage today in the San Diego North County (Rancho Bernardo) area?
I have no signal at all this morning (it was fine last last night) not even analog channels and of course no cable internet as well - the line appears dead.
Might be a local outage only, but no way to tell.
I checked for signal right at the main coax that comes into the garage prior to any splitters and its still no signal there.

Update: Cable/internet service came back up around 1:15PM, so was probably down all morning for several hours. Might have been a local issue.
Everything was fine down in Scripps Ranch. Was able to watch mlb.tv without interruption on the PS3. I will say though, on Monday, the internet was out from the time I woke up at 5am and returned online at about 7am. Intetestingly enough, a Time Wanner truck was there when I left for work at 5:40am that day. I dunno if it was maintenance or fixing the outage.


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Having Tuning Adapter issues in the Sorrento Valley area currently. Past few days the TA would reboot, but today when I came home from work (~6:30) the TA was just flashing 3 fast blinks.

TWSD support says there is a TA-only outage in the local area that is being worked on (yeah...uh-huh...).


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humdinger70 said:
Where's the program guide? Been out now for several hours? I did a reboot, still no guide getting populated.
I had this same problem--nothing but "not available" on the guide for hours that day, on both the SA8300HDC and the HD unit in the other room. Rebooting didn't help. It finally came back on its own.

I have had two complete network outages in La Jolla over the last month, each lasting several hours, with no internet, cable TV or phone service at all. When I was able to call CS after the phone started working again, I was told it was "maintenance" work.

This morning, I could receive email but not send from my Eudora client. I got a consistent error indicating the SMTP server could not authorize me as a user. CS admitted there was an outage early this morning, but said all service had been restored. After an hour of troubleshooting my problem, they gave up and escalated the complaint. I could send messages through the webmail interface, but the Eudora client was being blocked, apparently because of a problem with the user database on the SMTP server not recognizing my account as valid. After several hours, I was able to send mail from it again. Perhaps they restored or rebuilt the user database, I don't know. It just seems like after 25+ years as a TWC customer, the reliability of the service is deteriorating rapidly, at least from my perspective.



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DRB said:
Must have been some overnight maintenance work then.
I was on the phone with TWC Tuesday (early Wednesday) night. After reaching a Tier 2 support, I was informed by their IT department that they were upgrading the RB area's hardware as part of the "Wideband Internet" installation.

Tonight another outage is currently occurring. This time I have conflicting reports. One technician said it would be up by 2am another (in the Sorrento Valley office) said that it would last until 5:30am.

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I sure wish Time Warner / Road Runner would setup some type of "Current Status" page that would list outages or scheduled maintenance similar to other ISP (I know Cox does this).

Thankfully I have tethering enabled on my iPhone for these times so I am still able to access my office for late night server maintenance.[hr]
Admin65 said:
another twc internet outage as of 1:30 am.
Started around 1:10 am...


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I have a gnex so I am fine. It can also mean adsg capabilities for a future guide update for the odn boxes.

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