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TiVo Advice Appreciated!


New Member
I am considering getting a Roamio Plus to supplement my 2-Tuner Premier.  I am in Escondido, Cox North (Vista) territory.  Any advice or opinions regarding setting up with Cox (or Tivo, for that matter) would be appreciated.

I would 'retire' 2 Series 2 TiVos and the Explorer 3250 boxes I also use if I proceed.  These are used to provide the 'Second Tuner' for my PIP functions on the TVs.

I would use the Pause/LiveTV functions of the Tivos to simulate PIP.

I self-installed the Premier in January, 2013 with no setup problems.

Thanks for any advice or opinions on installing the Roamio, Cable Card and TA.

If you have been a TiVo customer for 10 years, you *may* qualify for the unadvertised, 10 Year Loyalty discount. If you call TiVo and pay full price on the Roamio Plus or Pro and ask for the $99 Lifetime Service they should offer it. There have been many reports of success getting that deal.

If not, You should definitely purchase an eBay discount code you can get a Roamio Pro - 6 Tuner, 3TB, 450Hrs HD w/ Lifetime Service for $699.99.
or, TiVo Roamio Plus - 6 Tuner, 1TB, 150Hrs HD w/ Lifetime Service can be had for $599.99, the Pro is definitely worth the extra $100.00

The eBay seller has sold 326 codes and has 100% positive feedback, offer him $39.00 and he should accept it.
He also has a site selling the codes, http://spherular.com/ Use the coupon code: COMMUNITY to also get the code for $39.00

Cox has removed the Self install CableCARD support articles, but here are the links to the pdf files.

If you plan to use the onboard MoCA of the Roamio to connect a TiVo Mini you must use a splitter and POE Filter on the Tuning Adapter, otherwise you can just use the RF Coax pass-thru.


If you need troubleshooting assistance with the Tuning Adapter,
Cisco Tuning Adapter Status Troubleshooting


New Member
thank you, Bryan.

I really appreciate the updated links for the cc and TA.

Yes, I did qualify for the discount on Lifetime, so I ordered the Plus.

Thanks again!


New Member
Bryan_CoxPHX said:
Let us know how things go, with the CableCARD and Tuning Adapter Install.  Sometimes it can be a pain.
Everything went pretty well: but had a moment with the TA: just after the hit from the headend, I got the TiVo screen that said that I had a TA, etc and to proceed -- then, the TA went blank.  Still talking with the Tech on the phone, it seemed ok from her end.  On a thought, I gently touched the on/off toggle on the front of the TA and it came back with a solid green.  The TiVo TA diagnostic screen showed that it 'booted' about 4 minutes before it went off.  Seemed odd, but running fine after about 6 hours since then.

Not to be too disparaging about Cox, BUT:  the TA self-install kit was missing one coax cable, had no POE filter, no splitter.  Didn't notice until I took off all the shrink wrap, at home. Still, I had everything I needed except the POE, but not using MOCA yet or if:  I have the Roamio on wire and the Premier on a pretty good wireless network.  I am able to transfer my banked shows from P to R with no difficulty.

I see some nice features on the Roamio that I will enjoy; but, should I be embarrassed to admit that I really, really miss the SD version of TiVo Central:  quiet! simple! gets the job done!  I admit that I follow TV and Netflix offerings closely and have numerous season passes for what I like.  Don't need to be coddled......  Also, I find the 'new' layout of the To Do list an especially poor "improvement."  Of course, I liked XP better, too.

Thanks again for your help.  Your expertise is very well appreciated in many areas.  Thanks!