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Tivo Bolt


Looks like Tivo has a new DVR now available called the bolt. Only 4 tuners this time, but maybe later a 6 tuner model will come. Nice that they are paying for the first year of service, and then after that, you have to pay a monthly or $149.99/year fee. There is lifetime for the super low price of $599.99 instead of the yearly subscription minus the price of the bolt itself, which is an extremely good deal, as you can get a new 4 tuner Cable/OTA box with gorgeous 4K support. UI is in HD except for two small sub menus. Should be out soon, but I think most are keeping their Roamio's as this does not really offer much improvement.

Clarified on lifetime subscription. There is a comskip feature for some channels.
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"...for the super low price of $599.99..."
Don't know about you but that seems prohibitive to me...
That does not even include the price of the box, so you might end up spending at least $1,000 for this and Lifetime service. I think Tivo shot themselves in the foot with this product. Also, the commercial skip only works on select channels, and not sure if it will work with Time Warner as they feel it is their god given right to copy flag everything but limited basic.
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"super low price" is just a joke. $599 lifetime All in also applies to Roamio DVR's as well. Though it only applies for people buying a brand new Tivo. It also appears that the Roamio OTA deal is no longer available which is not a bad deal for a reliable, Subscription free OTA DVR. I wish I had an OTA tuner, so I could really test the silicon dust DVR, though that has a yearly fee, albeit reasonable ($30/year).
I was considering Tivo for a while but the original cost & their fees always stopped me.
So now i am stuck with Cox DVR & OTA ,no PVR for OTA as I have read too many frustrating stories about flaky and buggy software.
If I did, I would probably go for the iView 3500STBII, it is dirt cheap now, under $40.00.
I am on the Silicon Dust kickstarter, and that DVR once out is very affordable and can work with OTA and cable. You can even run on it a cheap WD my cloud. There is a subscription, but it is $30/year. OTA users have many options, but Cable users are stuck.