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TiVo suddenly not tuning Clear QAM (COX South)


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Hello Community !

I have two HD televisions that can tune both analog & digital channels. I have two TiVos, one Premiere (analog & digital) and one Roamio (digital only). I do not have cable cards nor do I have Switched Digital Adapters. I subscribe to the lowest tier programming from COX Communications called TV Starter.

On the televisions I get all the channels described in the channel lineup from COX, including 1004-1011, the HD channels that I primarily watch. On both TiVos I was getting the same channel lineup up until around Wednesday or Thursday of this week (Sept 16th). Now I get a "Searching for a signal (V52)" message followed by a "...you need cable card to decode".

I know I do not need cable card(s) because my televisions can still tune these channels. So far I have rebooted both TiVos but this does not solve the problem. I have also rescanned channels on the Roamio but the only channels it detected were xx-xxx type channels so I did not add those. I suppose I could re-run TiVo setup from scratch but thats a big job manually removing all of the channels I don't receive.

Anyone have any ideas? I am afraid to call COX since the TVs get the signal then they might just say its a TiVo issue or have a charge to send the tech. I am running out of ideas, other than the idea of committing myself 100% to OTA which might not be that bad of an idea at this point.
It may not be related, but Cox in San Diego is starting the "All Digital" transition. Which will also be encrypting the Locals, requiring a CableCARD.
So you will need a CableCARD for both TiVos in the near future. You may as well get them now. Just go to a Cox Solutions Store.

If all you want is the Starter TV Pak, you should not need a Tuning Adapter, but Cox is going to want to give you one anyway.
Cox TV Economy is only a few dollars more than Starter TV ($30.49/mo) and gives you several Cable TV channels you do not currently get.

Cox has also started rolling out Cox On Demand on TiVo, you also need at least Cox Internet Essential
One TiVo user said his was working in San Diego already.
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Thank you BRYAN. This might be it. The date lines up almost exactly as the last recording I had was prior to Sept 20th and this link says Sep 21 is day one.

HOWEVER, this is perplexing since both TVs can still get the Clear QAM tuned in just fine.

I will delete my channels and rescan. If that doesn't fix it, I guess I will succumb to COX, SDV adapters and Cable Cards. The TV Economy looks like a logical choice since its not too much more money.

"Someday" I will go OTA....unless that goes away too.


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OTA won't go away, but who knows what the big tech interests want. Of course, mobile wants Cell data for data, so they can sell you a fast connection with extremely low caps and expensive overages.


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Thank you everyone for all your inputs.

I got cable cards and SDV-TA's now. Sort of silly that the cable card is nice and sleek and small, yet the SDV is almost as big as any cable box. I hooked in one card and called the tech support as they recommended. The tech guy paired up the SDVs with the cable cards and then everything works as it should. TiVo spent a little time updating the cards, but I was patient and it got it all done with no interaction from me.

One of my TiVos seems to be very hot, so that is creating a whole new set of issues. Time for another round of online support!


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Technician #1 came last Friday and spend almost 3 hours on site, including one trip out to swap out cable card & tuning adapter. No luck, still not getting the TV ECONOMY channels, nor am I even getting all of the TV STARTER channel lineup.

The weird thing is, the technician and his phone in counterpart couldn't seem to agree if the trap needed to be installed. Since ECONOMY includes higher channels like CNN, Disney, SYFY, etc., I figured you would remove the trap, but his supervisor told him not to.

I am just guessing here, but I think they need to remove the trap, then install a new cable card and let the card do its normal update/programming. But if it works with the trap that is fine, its not like I care, all I want is the channels I pay for. Too much to ask? Perhaps if they cannot even get the STARTER channels to tune in.

The Roamio that was running hot got returned under warranty. Glad I called, only 2 weeks were left on the warranty. Didnt realize at the time but the OTA and base Roamio's have a different smaller case without a fan. I guess if they designed it correctly, a no-fan TiVo would be better, but if its going to over heat then I'll go back to Premiere.