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TWC 3D On-Demand HD Format


I looked at the TWC 3D On-Demand movies under the 3D section of their channel 1000 on demand movies selections.
I noticed there are a bunch of free 3D HD titles there and appear to use a top/bottom format where one eye image is in the top half of the screen and the other eye image in the bottom half of the screen.

The HD format used on these TWC 3D HD titles appears to be 720p, but with two images (one per eye) top/bottom in each frame,
doesn't this mean that the effective vertical resolution per eye is only half, 1280x360 instead of 1280x720?

I could play one of the free 3D titles to a regular 2D HDTV and see the two half images OK with an old SA8300HD DVR - does that mean that model HD-DVR is compatible with TWC's 3D video format if a 3D HDTV supports this top/bottom format with 720p/60fps HD video?


Yesterday I bought a new 2012 Panasonic 3D Plasma HDTV (50" model 50ST50) at a special one-day sale at Sears with an extra 5% midnight madness online order with local store pickup that all together with tax matched even Amazon's price.
I picked up a cheap $20 set of active 3D glasses from Best Buy (Samsung but compatable with Panasonic's 2012 models too) and it worked fine.

I tried some of the free 3D HD titles on TWC's channel 1000 under the "3D" category and they looked excellent even though they use 720p top/down (under/over) image format that must reduce the vertical resolution in half.
They still looked like good resolution in 3D mode with the glasses. I could reach my hands out and almost touch things...

I've got a 3D bluray player ordered to try that out next week in comparison for full 1080p resolution HD.
I'm impressed TWC has so many FREE 3D titles you can watch - great for 3D demos on a new 3D HDTV.