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TWC increases internet price this month


TWC has increased the internet package prices starting this month I see.
They are now $5 higher per month for internet only.
For double-play packages, they increase it $3/month and for triple-play packages, its $3.50/month more.
Admin65 said:
Yea, and a nice increase on the modem rental fee as well.
Just a tip. But I think TW is easier to work with now on some price reductions these days. And my prices were supposedly locked in for 5 more months. Maybe the merger and the loss of all those customers last year has had an impact. Here how it happened for me.

A friend got a form letter from TW telling him that prices were going up soon and as a gesture of thanks they would hold his prices another year. He called and said he was going to cancel and even set up a turn off appointment for mid February. He got a call back the next day and they gave him a much better deal. He got a free Internet speed upgrade one level above standard and his second cable box for free for a year. Nothing spectacular, but a nice savings.

So I called. They knocked off $12 a month with little arguing. And held this price until January 2015. And I got a $10 a month price reduction on a second house with standard Internet only. No Cable TV at that house. Used to pay $44.99 just for 15/1 Internet and now it's $34.99 for a year. Again, not spectacular, but they never really argued about my request for a price cut.


fblack_111, what exactly did you say to TWC when you called to get your price lock for the rest of the year and discount?
DRB said:
fblack_111, what exactly did you say to TWC when you called to get your price lock for the rest of the year and discount?
I called their normal customer service and said "my friend" got a letter telling him they would continue his same TW deal even after it technically was going to expire.

That letter (which I saw) had a heading that said "We're pleased to extend you additional savings". And in the body it said "As a thank you for your continued business...".

I told them he then was able to actually negotiate a better deal not just keep his old deal. (This was all true and happened). I told them I thought I should get a similar "better" deal and I have been a customer for over 10 years. Then they transferred me to a Retention Specialist who happened to be in Ontario, California.

I told her I too wanted a deal and she at first said nothing was available. I said look again. She put me on hold and came back in about 3 minutes and was able to shave off a few dollars and hold my new deal until January 28, 2015. I wrote that date down, and her name and TW 3 digit ID. Now I am waiting to see if the change really shows up on my next bill. I also told her to be sure to note the changes under my account after she said she could not send me a confirming email.

When I looked up my account on their web site, It shows they received my last payment on Feb 4th and a remaining balance of $0. But there is a -$13.36 credit under current charges and total balance. I don't see where or how to see a future charge for next months bill on line.


Unfortunately I don't have a current year lock-in price deal, so can I somehow get one?
When I asked about it last year they claimed they didn't have those anymore!
DRB said:
Unfortunately I don't have a current year lock-in price deal, so can I somehow get one?
When I asked about it last year they claimed they didn't have those anymore!

So here's more of the story. And I looked at my old TW letters and Invoices.

Last September 2013 I also got a letter from TW saying "We're pleased to extend you additional savings" in the heading. The body of the letter said you are currently paying $122.00 per month and once your current promotion ends, you will pay the standard rates of $198 per month. The letter goes on to essentially say as a loyal customer however, as of October 29, 2013 you can keep paying the old promotional rates until December 2014 and thus save about $76 a month. I called them back in September 2013 and said fine and thanks. I accepted their terms in their letter.

Then my my friend gets a similar letter a few weeks ago and instead of just saying thanks, he says no thanks and I am cancelling service. Then he gets a call back from Retention and they offer him a better deal. Which he accepts.

So he tells me the story and I feel like a fool for accepting their September offer letter to hold my rates. So that's why I called TW back and said my friend got a better deal and I wanted one too. So I got one. Not spectacular, but some savings.

As for you, I assume at some point when and if they have a 2014 standard rate increase, you might get a similar letter. That's the time to try for a deal. And what's tough is comparing deals between subscribers. Everyone has different plans, rates, packages, equipment, and needs.

Sorry I cannot be of more help. Maybe you call them, ask for Retention, and play the Uverse or Satellite TV card and see if they can help you structure a better deal.
I just got my new 7 page TW cable bill. Last month, after a friend got a letter from TW and threatened to cancel then got a price reduction, I called TW and also got a slight monthly fee reduction.

So page 6 and 7 of the new bill essentially say my rates are going up next month. So I called TW, got a rep to reconfirm my new lower prices and my deal is good to January 2015. TW also has a way to “ look forward” and give you a billing amount for the next 2 or 3 billing cycles. So I am happy. They got it right.

But I told them that “form letter” on price increases will flood them with complaints. So if anyone gets a similar letter they might want to contact TW and reconfirm their deal. Write down the reps name and 3 digit TW employee code.

As an FYI, I looked again at the small print on the last page and in the end of the paragraph, it says if you have a promotional deal, those prices will hold. But I don’t trust TW so I called them to re-confirm my new prices. So watch for that page 6 and 7 of your new bills and their new standard prices. The prices shown are sky high. As an example:

Variety pack: $16.00
Standard Internet: $57.99
Set-top box: $11.25
HD-DVR set top box: $11.25
Whole House DVR: $11.25

And my new favorite:
Broadcast TV fee: $2.25 (anyone know what this is?)


Staff member
All TWC markets are going to a new Broadcast TV fee which would help pay for local channels which seem to want more and more $$$ when it comes time for retransmission deals.