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TWC-Navigator Keyboard Search Tips!


Guide Tips- Working With The Keyboard

At this time, only those boxes and subscribers that have Signature Home and Multi-Room (a.k.a Whole House DVR) may have the Advanced Search filters. Eventually legacy boxes will get these filters. However, I would estimate that because 75% or more of TWC's general population just has the Keyboard, and it is Title Based Only at this time.I will give you some tips on how to search for Titles that aren't so obvious:

Remember, you can filter the guide by Title, Rating, or Theme. Theme is my favorite choice and with regards to non-keyboard category searches, the organization works well:

Title Searches are easy for the specific names of shows and movies and you're good to go. Use the Theme filter and you can select Movies or type of show. Than use the keyboard to find the name. NOTE HOWEVER THAT IF A SHOW STARTS WITH THE LETTER "A" OR THE WORD "THE", THE FIRST LETTER IN THE SECOND WORD OF THE SHOW IS HOW YOU BEGIN YOUR SEARCH!

When you see on the left-hand side your movie or show name as you type on the keyboard, press B to navigate to that side and you can find your shows.

However, if you want to search for Sports, the guide, using the regular (non-advanced keyboard) shows NAMES of Sports. Here is how to make your Sports Searches a little better. Follow these tips if you want to search for specific sports shows using the on-screen keyboard:

1.) Press the B button to Search
2.) Press the B button again to Category Search
3.) Select Sports
4.) Select desired sport for which you want to see games and times
5.) Now, using the Keyboard, key in the following to get to your sport faster:


1.) Type "MLB" for a list of Major League Baseball games.

2.) Type "NFL" for a list of Pro Football Games

3.) Type "College Football" for a list of College Football Games. (You'll see the listings as you start to type "college" in the Sports/Football category.)

4.) Type "PGA" for a list of Professional Golf Events.

5.)Type "NBA for a list of Pro Basketball Games.

6.) Type "ATP" for a list of Professional Tennis Matches.

7.) Type "US Open" for US Open Matches. (Under Sports Listings, Tennis Category.)

8.) Type "Wimbledon" for Wimbledon Coverage. (May also appear under the ATP Tennis listings.)

9.) Type "MLS" for Major League Soccer Games.

10.) Type "NHL" for National Hockey Games.

11.) Type "Nascar" For Auto Racing. (Found Under Sports, "Racing" Category.)

**Notes A few sports like Horse Racing do not have a specific category at this time and can be found under the Sports Category of "Other" (After going to the sports category and selecting "Other", find the "Horse Racing" Listings.

** The Year of a sport may also appear within a sports category, and will be first on the list when you narrow down your category search. To illustrate, you might go to do a Search for Tennis, (B Search) than B Category Search-Sports-Tennis- and and the left side of the screen might show 2012 US Open Championship as the first item in the category list. This is because the guide system organizes numbered listings before letter listings.

As you start to key in the words, watch how the results on the left-side of the screen change. If you spend some time in the Sports Category, you can add to this list. Your goal is to type in the name in the Sports Category that the Guide shows on the left-hand side.

Once you know how the Sports Titles are represented, you won't get so lost thinking, "Why do I type the word "Football" or the word "Baseball" as the only word on the keyboard and there's nothing there? TWC's Navigator Standard Keyboard goes by searching of the Title for each category. Using my above examples should help immensely!

(Feel free to save and print this information for reference.)



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Printable version of this thread, for easy access. I also stickied this thread as well.


Admin65 said:

Printable version of this thread, for easy access. I also stickied this thread as well.
Thanks! :D