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We've migrated over to XenForo!

As you all know, there was a notification, saying that we would migrate over to this new software on April 24, and so we did. This new software is very powerful in many ways, and will get better over time. Change can be a bad thing for some of you, so I have tried to make it so that it would have some level of familiarity. I still have some minor tweaks to do, but the site is live and up and running.

The biggest new features are the resource manager and the Gallery. You can now post photos of your own Home Theater setups, photos in general, or even your favorite Youtube videos. The other is a Resource Manager that could be used for Articles, or even the ability to put some of the archived content. Archive link is coming soon, and this software has been a learning experience, as everything is so different.

Biggest change of them all is the new responsive theme. This new theme responds and automatically format to your devices screen, so that there is no need for a mobile theme or app.

For feedback, please post your feedback to http://www.sandiegohdtv.org/community/forums/new-board-feedback.41/ as this is the place for all new board related issues.

I worked hard to get this migration going to where it is now, and I am grateful on how well it works (so far). Hope you guys enjoy the new site and a new chapter in this sites history.

Edit: There is a cool feature where there are facebook like alerts and even a Facebook style Like feature.


Check out Media Gallery (Media in the main menu) and add your own media. You can add your own Home Theater setups, or even your favorite videos on popular online video services such as Youtube.

We also offer a Resources link above that can allow you to post articles and important information, or possibly the ability to buy, sell or trade goods.


Sorry for not putting in the actual link and using an older gallery. That gallery forum was for the old forum using a special plugin, that I never got around to building.
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