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XETV's future

Yesterday, XETV had their final day of broadcasting as an English station. Yes, you have heard the rumors on this site that it will be changing to Canal 5 (Mexican station). I have decided to take off the XETV forum in the main OTA section. Those who wish to view the section can now do so in the General OTA forum. I might consider making a Mexican OTA forum, but not sure what the demand is for that particular forum.

XETV going away is a sad thing. People did lose jobs in regards to this change, but a lot of them find jobs. I wish from San Diego HDTV, that those at XETV who are still looking for a job, will find one that pays well in this current job market.

What is considered to be a sad day to those who like San Diego TV, this is only the beginning as I wish KFMB very well with their new venture and I hope it does well and last another 64 years, just like XETV, but then again the FCC and "special interests" want to change the OTA service to ATSC and give OTA operators as little frequency as possible to serve their profits.

Here is a video from Heymannyg on Youtube showing the final moments of XETV as an English station! Goodbye XETV for entertaining us San Diegans for 64 years. Not many things have been able to claim they have been running for 64 years.

RIP (as English station) 1953-2017
I have fond memories of channel 6 going back to the 60's when I was a little kid. We had a TV antenna up on the roof of the house and could get all the San Diego TV stations back then (6,8,10) plus even some of the LA TV stations like 5.
Back then XETV 6 was the local ABC affiliate and had some of my favorite TV shows like "The Time Tunnel"
Years later channel 10 took over as ABC and the newer UHF channel 39 took over as NBC, so XETV eventually became the affiliate for the newest network FOX.
Until a few years ago when channel 69 took FOX and XETV was left with the WB/CW.
I agree, XETV has been a part of San Diego for so many decades. Very sorry to see them go. I have contact with some of their former employees and know that many at the station found new employers here or in other markets.

San Diego has a large Hispanic population so XETV's next chapter should be interesting. However, if I understand correctly, it will only be passing through Canal 5 and not have any local content. That's a shame.
Canal 5 does have some nice us programming. Maybe if xetv waited for Sinclair/Tribune to go through then fox might sever ties with kswb and maybe xetv could be in the race for fox but KUSI would probably win that. Maybe it is for the better as the newscasts would have been pay to play infomercials like other televisa properties.
It seems that a portion of the old XETV building is now an event center. I guess the car dealerships did not want it. Perhaps there is some plan for the old studios and some remnants of CW6 still remain.


I think this is being done in the Admin building and the studio is still untouched. I think this kills off any speculation of Univision ever moving to XETV.

Still trying to move this site onto a new 64 bit OS and migrate over to MariaDB instead of MySQL.
XETV continued to broadcast in English. Most of the programming from 6AM to Midnight is in English on the main audio channel. If your over the air TV is selected for English, you get English. All commercials and sports are in Spanish only. All HD movies are in English. Most American TV shoes are in English. Check it out and enjoy!!